Tatiana Agafonova showed the difficult conditions in which he lives

Татьяна Агафонова показала, в каких сложных условиях живет Many years ago, the movie star moved into the village. Tatiana Agafonova invited a film crew of the program “Hello, Andrew!”to your house and showed a modest farm.
Татьяна Агафонова показала, в каких сложных условиях живет

Actress Tatyana Agafonova became famous in the distant ‘ 80s thanks to roles in the films “offered for singles” and “Interdevochka”. However, in 1998 she decided to leave acting career and went to his native village, Salatino. Now the star rarely plays in the movies, and on television appears infrequently.

However, for the program “Hello, Andrew!”Tatiana decided to visit the capital. A woman showed his house in the village and told about the household.

“That’s my house in the village of Salatino. A well with very clean water in the area, two garden. I try to live, grow everything myself. In fact, the garden saved me in the 90s. Then it was very hard. I’m not ashamed to say that sometimes I had nothing to eat. In the 90s it was possible for the panel to come out, so the situation seemed hopeless. What? No money, but free time is full. But I certainly didn’t want to come to this”, – said Agafonov.
Татьяна Агафонова показала, в каких сложных условиях живет

Now most of the time Tatiana spends in his native village. She enjoyed working in the garden in the fresh air, she chops wood and carries water into the house from the well. Hard work did not bother Agafonov, but she still misses her beloved profession. That is why the actress periodically returns to Moscow to play a small role in movies or serials. The last picture with her participation was released in 2014.

Many guests of the Studio admitted that even envy Agafonova, because she lives in a very quiet secluded location. The artist is not recognized, why one day I decided to change my life and move.

“The village lies 270 kilometers from St. Petersburg, in the Tver region. I often have guests. I love to cook in the oven, the food always turns out delicious,” said the artist.
Татьяна Агафонова показала, в каких сложных условиях живет

The star is not going to return to permanent residence in Moscow. Guests of the program noted that Agafonov looks good and is certainly the main star of the village. The artist herself admitted that her many friends are not even aware of her stellar past.

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