Tatiana Afrikantov, who doubts the marriage of the daughter

Татьяна Африкантова сомневается в браке дочери
A few days ago, the main telestroke country Marina Afrikantov and Roman Kapakli got married in the Seychelles.

Татьяна Африкантова сомневается в браке дочери

The only way this marriage in Russia will be invalid, so if their relationship will be tested, they will have to officially register the marriage at home. But don’t believe that Marina’s mother, Tatiana Afrikantov.

Татьяна Африкантова сомневается в браке дочери

“Marina was very much distressed that I have not watched the ceremony. And I said to her, “You’re getting married, that I do not believe it, wedding or no wedding. If you’re doing a test, then he did not want the real thing.” She has twice did so, and in the third: it is necessary either to marry or to leave it,” said the woman in an interview with StarHit.

Tatiana believes that the Marina could still change her mind and didn’t officially tie the knot with Roman.

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