Тата Бондарчук вступилась за отца
The daughter of Michael Mamiashvili was called “the herd” of those who condemned the behavior of her father in Rio.

Тата Бондарчук вступилась за отца

Tata Bondarchuk with Pope Mikhail Mamiashvili

Photo: @Instagram tatamamik Tata Bondarchuk

Tata Bondarchuk, the daughter of Olympic champion Mikhail Mamiashvili, came to the defense of his father. “A lot of connoisseurs are divorced, I see. Rancid they just settle, and they are happy. Herd. Dad, I love you. And I know everything!” she wrote in his account on the social network, apparently hinting that it is not so evident in this “Olympic” scandal.

His version told himself Michael. “I didn’t hit Inna Trjukovoe. We had a conversation in a raised voice. This was. After a defeat we always have tough talk, but the battering never came. When our meeting was attended by her personal trainer. Let him tell you how it was”, – quotes Mamiashvili “news”. In addition Mamiashvili added that he is ready to apologize for anything, but not only for your athlete, from his point of view, “apathy”. “Let you lost, but you showed effort, will such athlete is difficult to reproach, it is impossible to leave in 15 minutes to sit in the stands and laugh.It would be better Trazhukova commented on how weak-willed and stupidly lost. We had a hard and difficult conversation. What should I do to thank her for her travel?” – said Mamiashvili.

By the way, Inna in your statement about the beating, too, alluded to the available witnesses, which according to her saw that Michael was hit several times in the face Trojanovo.

And if in case Mamiashvili is no single version of what happened, in the history of sport in General, as it turned out, beating athletes not uncommon. For example, in 2004, became known for a very unpleasant fact about the coach of Turkish weightlifting Mehmet Ustundag. As investigation found out, he forced his players to take performance-enhancing drugs, beat them and took away the prize. Before it was made public one of the athletes, ESMA Jan, committed suicide. The reason was the constant beatings and sexual harassment by Ustundag. Mehmet was arrested and convicted.

One of the leaders among the countries in which the coaches beat the players is Korea. There the beatings begin long before serious competition, even in children’s sports schools. Moreover, in this country, the assault is not only not punished, but encouraged parents of young athletes. Bamboo sticks, batons, blows to the face and head — the course is all that can cause athlete maximum pain. Korean coaches the majority of them believe that cruelty can raise a champion. Loud scandal with beating of children in sports clubs has happened in Russia, however, local coaches have such harsh punishments, fortunately, has not yet become a habit.

The survey

You can and should do coaches to get athletes good results with the use of physical force?

  • Yes, will power is brought up through trials

  • No. If ward doesn’t show good results the problem is the coach, not the athlete

  • Depends on the situation. In some cases, assault may play a role.

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