Taste and color: star, a transformation which no one appreciated

На вкус и цвет: звезды, преображение которых никто не оценил “StarHit” find out which celebrities were disguised, and received in return a large portion of criticism. Despite the fact that celebrities are accustomed to hear in his address a lot of compliments, not always their transformation causes a positive response.

      На вкус и цвет: звезды, преображение которых никто не оценил

      Love the stars surprise! Transform in appearance all — hair, face, body, nails… And most of all, though, and impress fans, but get to the point: the image of a new way reveals them, gives them a charm, gloss, mystery. However, not everyone has everything goes so smoothly. Sometimes it happens that the experiment fails and a new way of getting stars for fans a real shock. In response to an unsuccessful transformation they immediately fall upon the idol with a barrage of criticism. “StarHit” find out which artists had the courage to change the style, but the advantage of this is not appreciated.

      Ivan Dorn

      28-year-old musician is always quite ironic attitude toward his own image. But he managed to shock the fans, a few weeks ago, appearing at social events bald with a bright red bandana. The face of the actor was decorated with a thick beard, where it is quite difficult to recognize the star that once was blowing up dance floors with his hits. Not all admirers of talent of showman like the new way, and in social networks it came under a barrage of criticism.

      На вкус и цвет: звезды, преображение которых никто не оценил

      “How ran out of the woods”, “Santa Claus”, “Aged twenty years”, “Pirate”, “the Snow man,” “Brownie Kuzya”. In response, Dorn laid out his new photo, which has increased with the help of photoshop facial hair. The artist has signed as follows: “Two years work on the album!”

      As it turned out, Ivan Dorn uses vegetation on the face as an incentive for early completion of the new album.

      “If you don’t set the timing, all can be very lengthy. In this case, my deadline is my beard. It motivates me to finish an album quickly because I’m growing it until then, until we finish the English album – after that I immediately shave it. And so I suffer, I go with her, itchy. The beard is an indicator of the time that is spent working on the album,” admitted Ivan in an interview with reporters.


      На вкус и цвет: звезды, преображение которых никто не оценил

      The daughter of a famous tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov Ales conquers the fashion world, so often tries on different images and is willing to go for experiments with his looks. However, this fall she made fans wince, laying out a Network photo with the fashionable pink hair instead of his usual natural color.

      The opinions voiced contradictory: “why? Me natural you liked, Always wanted this hair color but afraid to experiment. And you’re done, very cool!”, “So beautiful. Perfect. You go,” “what a pity, the color was gorgeous, emphasized unreal eyes!”, “In the dark you can always go back! Done that experiment”.

      However, in dark young model never came back, choosing in the end the blond shade. And this step the followers did not appreciate: “a Brunette better, Blonde is good too, but only without the pink tint, and it creates a sense failed.”, “Darker the hair colour, I think, was better.” Kafelnikov will listen to the opinions of their fans, is still unknown, but, judging by the publications on her page in Instagram, a blonde girl feels very confident.

      Julia Vang

      На вкус и цвет: звезды, преображение которых никто не оценил

      The winner of the 15th season of “the Battle of ekstrasensov” in recent months lost a lot of weight, looks emaciated than scared of their fans. In the pictures, which publishes Julia in social networks, her face haggard, her cheeks were sunken heavily, cheeks bulging. And glasses with big glasses who likes the witch, only accentuates its thinness. The microblog followers Julia surprised and wondering what happened to Wang.

      “Then it looks bad like something happened, hard to endure”, “Unhealthy skinny, like anorexic”, “she’s thin”. Some suggest the influence of the evil eye or a serious disease. However, the thinness Wang fans have discussed before. The psychic referred to the effect of the camera, claiming that she didn’t lose weight, and if you look at old photos, it will be seen that it remained the same. Interesting that a psychic has also changed and hair. Change the blond curls came untidy Kare, which, incidentally, also raises a lot of questions from Network users.

      Olga Buzova

      На вкус и цвет: звезды, преображение которых никто не оценил

      Name of TV presenter Olga Buzova recently on hearing more than usual – a break with husband sex scandal, persecution because of the song… And then there was Olga herself has reignited interest in his own person, change hair color and transformed from a bright blonde to a striking brown-haired woman. However, surprise the change of style, the presenter is able to. A little over a year ago, she cut off the long locks and six months later, and all decided on a short cut. And now, a sea change colors. Put the photo in his microblog, the star wrote: “the Future belongs to those who breaks down stereotypes. I look to the future with new eyes”.

      Olga Buzova called the main mistake in your marriage

      Fans immediately realized that the cause of all the problems in his personal life. And like a real woman, not to fall into depression, she had begun to change in appearance. “Good job Olga, keep it up change is always for the better,” “I’m not poklonitsa Buzova but this color really suits her”, “Why didn’t you do this sooner?” – write to her followers.

      However, not everyone relished Olga is a brunette. “It was, in my opinion, the only blonde, which is so good was white, and now it’s not the Olga… Just not your color. Lost its individuality, And still the blonde was better…”. Olga herself, apparently, in the new color feels very comfortable.

      “There was a second of getting used to. Woke up the next day and thought, “God, it’s good”. I look at myself now in the mirror and enjoy. My appearance started and I became brighter!” – recognized the star of “House-2”.

      Viktor Loginov

      На вкус и цвет: звезды, преображение которых никто не оценил

      The actor, loved by many for the role of Genes Bukin, periodically pleasing their fans from time to time appearing a beard. Rather, it was more like a week’s stubble, which is known to man adorns, gives his face masculinity. But a few weeks ago Victor appeared with the updated version of the beard – a much more voluminous.

      One of the first surprise on this occasion, shared in his Instagram Evelina Bledans. It was her on the recording of “the invisible Man” came Loginov. “How do you like the beard Viktor Loginov?” – wrote Evelyn in his microblocks. The answer was not long in coming: “the Gene Bukin is not the same”, “He’s on Karl Marx’s similar”, “Not attending to his beard”, “I would hope that such a long beard is temporary. Very she you vzroslii”.

      However, Victor in these tricks is not conducted. He looks your way like. It is possible that this is also a kind of defensive reaction, because recently Viktor Loginov broke up with his third wife, Olga. Probably, this circumstance has affected the attitude of the actor.

      Nastasya Samburski

      На вкус и цвет: звезды, преображение которых никто не оценил

      Fans of the TV series “Univer” remembered Nastasya Samburski long-haired brunette. However, the actress – who has a lover to fool around with her image. The girl is experimenting with hairstyles and hair color since I was 16. It is known that it is three times did chemistry, there was also a blonde with short hair and perky curls to his shoulders, and a redhead. Perhaps she would have continued the experiments, but the contract during the filming of “Varsity,” she was not allowed to change. So for a long time, the actress denied themselves the pleasure of going to the hairdresser.

      When obligations to the channel she left, Nastasia first turned to the stylists. A few months ago, the star made quads with one long strand of red, then dyed it blue and purple, and then got a haircut under the boy. A”grown up” Nastasya Samburski followed in the footsteps of Justin Bieber

      “Sitelock now breathing” – shared the joy of the sitcom star. A new image immediately provoked a wave of various rumors about the reasons for such a radical change of image. It was even about the disease that allegedly affects the artist. And in early December, Nastasia suddenly became blonde. The showing of the next transformation, it was accompanied by the words: “still have what to cut and dye, I will not rest! Welcome! The New Justin Bieber. Very interested in your opinion. Waiting for reviews tips pictures and I’m not coping, well, I can do without reviews.” It is interesting that recently the star has restricted its subscribers the ability to leave comments under her posts. Apparently, Samburski just tired of the constant criticism.

      Vitaly Gogunsky

      На вкус и цвет: звезды, преображение которых никто не оценил

      In September, the actor Vitaly Gogunsky has come for the premiere of the film “the Bridegroom” and forced many to literally petrify instead of the dark one, “neverovskogo” Kuzi before the eyes of the public appeared blond. However, a few days earlier he had stunned the school yard, because in this form to bring the daughter of Milan with the line on 1 September. Not all fans of the actor praised his courage. Many felt the appearance Giganskogo very thoughtless and tasteless.

      “What has he done with his hair..”, “Dye to your natural color. Light embarrassing, Yes, hair color… Interesting.” The controversy did not abate for a long time. A few weeks later, accustomed to image the stars, the followers have already began to compare Vitali with brad pitt and Valery Meladze. As soon as people realized that the image of the artist is not so bad, it’s newly repainted. Recently Vitaliy has posted on his page photo with his usual dark hair color, and added: “the Beauty of fallen, now move to congratulate Alla Victoria Kirkorov”.

      Vitaly Gogunsky has returned to ex-wife

      Anna Netrebko

      На вкус и цвет: звезды, преображение которых никто не оценил

      Opera diva rarely experimented with his looks. The stronger was the surprise of the fans, when Anna appeared in front of a worshipful audience of her with brown hair instead of the usual black. “Now I’ll be a redhead” is all that the Opera star said about his transformation. Apparently, Netrebko didn’t expect to get that amount of feedback on her new look, because in an instant she was overwhelmed with a barrage of opinions.

      “Wow! And You, Anna, everything looks so good!”, “Divine color”, “become More beautiful”, “You look good in that hair color. You are so Sunny and positive!”, – admired followers. However, not all supported by the star experiment with looks, considering that natural hair color of the actress looks much nobler. “This hair color Anya extinguished…”, “You as a brunette is much brighter look. This is not criticism but a wish” – shared subscribers Netrebko.

      The singer continues to experiment with and all the more lightens the hair. According to rumors, this step Anna Netrebko decided for the role, after all, Manon Lescaut, according to some, was a blonde. That is why the transformation of the diva happened shortly before performances of the Opera “Manon Lescaut” at the Metropolitan Opera in new York.

      Alice Grebenshchikova

      By the way redhead girls Alice Grebenschikova fans have come long ago. He remembered her curls, and curls to his shoulders – light and feminine. Not to say that the actress was often surprised and changed the way. That is why so discussed was her new hair was bright red short Bob. Color she was not surprised, but long… and signed, too: “I broke up with the past. Olya cut all unnecessary information”.

      “Great,” “How cool!”, “Periodically need to be updated to change”, “You will go,” “Beauty and ease” – wrote followers. But not all assessments were so clear. Some fans remained unsatisfied, stressing that this hairstyle made the actress look like a boy, though pretty. As it turned out, the late actress and she regretted such a bold transformation.

      “It all started with that short hair not very convenient to mount the microphones and before you go to the theater, I ran to a favorite Barber Ola, to muddy something on the head…” – said Alice.