Tasha Belaya was seen in the arms of Philip Kirkorov This beauty cannot be missed.

Tasha Belaya was spotted in the arms of Philip Kirkorov December 16 at the Karo 11 Oktyabr cinema in the capital the premiere of the film “Peace”. The event brought together a star cast of prominent representatives of Russian show business, among whom was the singer and presenter Tasha Belaya. jpg” alt=”Tasha Belaya was spotted in Philip Kirkorov's arms” />

That evening, the girl chose a spectacular blue dress that hugged her figure to go out. Stylish styling and precise accents of accessories – a handbag and earrings – added elegance to the image. It was hard to look away from Tasha.

Tasha Belaya was seen in Philip Kirkorov's arms

The beauty of Belaya's appearance was noted not only by the guests and photographers of the event, but also by the king of the national stage, Philip Kirkorov, with whom the paparazzi noticed Tasha.

Celebrities were talking enthusiastically for a long time, while Philip held Belaya's hands and did not let her go for a second, constantly coming up with new topics for conversation, not allowing the dialogue to be interrupted even by the numerous paparazzi crowded around.

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