Tarzan discovers the truth about cheating Natasha Koroleva and sex for money

Тарзан раскрыл правду об изменах Наташе Королевой и интиме за деньги This year, the stripper, and the actor was 48 years old. Sergey Glushko admitted that he receives many messages from fans who are willing to do anything to meet him. Tarzan himself calmly to increased attention from women.

48-year-old bodybuilder, stripper and actor Sergey Glushko, better known as Tarzan, gave a Frank interview to journalists. The husband of Natasha Koroleva remembered the wild past, told how to keep themselves fit and revealed the truth about cheating wife. Now he still performs in clubs as well as plays in the theatre, sometimes sings and makes time for its own sports hall. Glushko says that he did not know how long I will perform an erotic dance. The man prefers not to think ahead.

According to Sergei, his room is visited and celebrity clients. Bodybuilder found it difficult to identify the specific training, because there are different packages. In General, said Glushko, the cost of services is lower than that of coaches in the sports complex of premium class.

“Come into the hall Sergei Rost, Karina Zvereva. The guys from “People” – they participated in the show “Britain’s got talent.” Infrequently, but comes Maria Zakharova. Deals exclusively with me. Very hard. I even warned: “Maria, if serious, you say. I need to focus, what load to give.” And she is a fighter, everything suffers,” said Tarzan.

Reporters noted that Sergey is a real professional in the field of Stripping. Tarzan is often called on parties to entertain the crowd. According to the man, he is responsible for his work and not allow himself to drink before the show. By the way, Glushko is generally done with alcohol, as it destroys muscle. At different times, Sergey was invited to speak before the daughters of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, employees of the Bank, in the commercial center of Armavir and even on the birthday of Ksenia Sobchak. Then TV presenter and a future participant of the presidential race just moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Friends of Xenia decided to make her a special gift.

Glushko admitted that he had repeatedly offered to engage in sexual intercourse for money, but he refused. To stop unwanted talks, Tarzan specifically named a fabulous sum – one million dollars. At the dawn of the career of Sergey decided to earn this way, but nothing happened.

“The girls invited me. Not even after a speech, just once found. The money offered. I went with a sense of Trotter. And to his surprise and horror, could not do anything,” – says Glushko.

The girls who invited Sergey, were sympathetic to the situation that occurred. “Sat, neighing, drank and dispersed. Even paid. But I was in shock,” said Tarzan. Further Glushko came to the conclusion that he was affected by a sense of corruption. “The love of money – not my story,” says Tarzan now.

Fans of Sergey regularly write to him direct Instagram. Someone asks the questions others are asking to meet with them. But his wife, Natasha Koroleva Glushko does not change. According to the man, the singer has a high degree of insight and feeling, when trying to deceive.

“It’s difficult to change. He was still psychic – everything feels. Will immediately know and this does not necessarily read the news. Plus I’m a bad actor can’t disguise. When you need to be in a certain society, and there is someone I can’t stand – people will feel. No matter how I tried. Can smile, say good words, but I’m going fonit. And especially with relatives”, – shared the artist her husband.

Son of Sergey and Natasha Arkhip lives in Miami. Stars wanted the boy knew English and got more education. School in Moscow celebrities do not like. This decision was given to spouses is very difficult. Therefore, the Queen and Glushko and often travel to America to visit his son and other relatives. More recently, the name has another passion.

“He also teaches Japanese. From there it is easier to do. By the way, is teaching yourself on Skype. Very independent in this regard. First, such a passion was unclear, but in the end we only. It’s a good thing. He’s in Japan already went, now going again. In short, right Japanese. I told Natasha: “get Ready for this grandchildren”, – said Tarzan.

In addition, as recognized by Glushko in an interview Sports.ru to the West is a little different situation. Sergey was supported by actor Alexei Serebryakov, who said about anger. According to Glushko, in Miami more relaxed and friendly atmosphere. “The son lives in the normal world. Even if it is false,” says Tarzan. Alexey Serebryakov cursed for his phrase about Russian rudeness