Дмитрию Тарасову приписали «измену» Анастасии Костенко Spiteful critics believe that the athlete was fond of the ex-participant reality show “pretty darling girl” Christina Belokopytova. The girl has posted a video which allegedly captured Dmitry Tarasov. Fans of football think he agreed.
Дмитрию Тарасову приписали «измену» Анастасии Костенко

Last weekend, Dmitry Tarasov, presumably, rest in one of night clubs in the company of friends. According to some, there was time finalist of the show “pretty darling girl” Christina Belokopytov. The girl said that the athlete had her attentions. “When the former Olga Buzova tries to hit on you. It is a failure,” wrote Christine in stories of his Instagram put up a video, “compromising” Dmitry. Belokopytov also posted a photo of a bouquet of flowers, supposedly given to her Tarasov.

Posts Christine has provoked heated discussions in social networks. Many believed the girl and decided that Dmitri Tarasov is unfaithful to his wife Anastasia Kostenko, whom he married in late January of this year. Critics noted that not a month has passed since that moment as the lovers threw a lavish wedding ceremony.

Дмитрию Тарасову приписали «измену» Анастасии Костенко

After some time Belokopytov removed publish to Instagram. Apparently, she decided that, and so attracted attention, and maybe she didn’t like the reaction of the public. Whatever it was, some suspected Christine in an attempt to be promoted at the expense of Dmitry Tarasov. The blonde even turned off comments to the recent publications, not wanting to get negative feedback.

Users of social networks wrote about the alleged infidelity of his wife Dmitry Tarasova Anastasia Kostenko. The girl made clear that he doubted the veracity of the rumors that are being discussed on the Internet. According to Anastasia, her husband agreed.

“On video it is obvious that there is not anyone to it” – these words Kostenko answered the question to one of podeschi, having in mind the behavior of Christina Belokopytova.

Fans of Anastasia supported her and expressed doubt that the video shows Dmitry Tarasov. They noticed that the quality of video leaves much to be desired, and therefore, we cannot say with absolute certainty about the change of the player.

The athlete has not commented on the speculation of the public. It is known that Dmitry Tarasov are reluctant to speak on the topic of personal life. Anastasia Kostenko became the third wife of a famous football player who has angelina’s daughter from his first marriage with Oksana Osinkin. By the way, recently the ex-wife of Dmitry said that he had faced severe threats in the address. Oksana attacked detractors who continue to discuss her breakup with Tarasov even after seven years. The ex-wife of Dmitry Tarasov spilling violent threats