Tarasov pulled on holiday for Kostenko thousand euros

Тарасов спустил на праздник для Костенко тысячи евро The choice of the player became the owner of luxury things. The girl thanked the man she loved for the gifts in honor of the Eighth of March. The social network she posted the photo, which saw a ladies leather purse and bag, the famous French brand.

      Тарасов спустил на праздник для Костенко тысячи евро

      On the eve of International women’s day, many girls boasted gifts from loved ones on social networks. A lot of talk called the post alleged friend of Dmitry Tarasova Anastasia Kostenko, who posted on Twitter a picture show. On photos followers model saw the wallet and bag from Chanel collection, the cost of which exceeds three thousand euros. In the background is a huge bouquet of tulips. Anastasia Kostenko stopped denying the connection with Dmitry Tarasov

      “Thank you for everything” – signed picture Anastasia.

      Friend was glad for the girl, and congratulated her with the holiday and wished. Netizens are actively discussing Kostenko after I saw it in the video on the apartment of the football player Dmitry Tarasov. Some call her a home wrecker, noting that 22-year-old provoked the breakup of the athlete with presenter Olga Buzova.

      Critics felt that the star of “House-2” will be angry, if you see that her ex-husband gives the same expensive things to his new passion. “Algini gifts to give away, and there you see a new young woman will find,” “most Importantly, now the relationship is not for show”, “I Think Buzova is not impressed” – opinions of users of social networks.

      Kostenko tired of the rumors and urged Network users to stop discussing her personal life. Apparently, she doesn’t like so much public attention to his person. She decided to respond to the spiteful critics in the microblog.

      “Someday people will stop to read the vague unknown of the publication, leave your opinion where it is not popular to believe everything you read, write nasty things to strangers, and to blame people for what they did (actions, surgical interventions, etc.). Instead, they will begin to engage their time and life and it will be a generation of happy people, and not just label the column “about me”: happy wife, mom…” – said model