Tarasov gets rid of the memories of the marriage with Buzova

Тарасов избавляется от воспоминаний о браке с Бузовой The player tries to forget everything associated with his former lover. Once Tarasov did Buzova memorable gift, stuffed on a hand the wedding date with the leading. However, after the couple finally decided to leave, he decided to interrupt this tattoo.

      Тарасов избавляется от воспоминаний о браке с Бузовой

      Last week it became known that Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov finally decided to leave. The couple filed for divorce in one of capital registry offices. While the presenter is actively building his career and interviews with Michael Fassbender, her ex-boyfriend rapidly getting rid of everything that reminds about the second half. Recently the player decided to pay a visit to the master, to kill an old tattoo, made during the marriage with Olga.

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      According to journalists, Tarasov decided to forget about the wedding date with a former lover. Now on his arm emblazoned not a reminder of a day when she and married Olga, a philosophical phrase in Latin.

      We will remind that Dmitry Tarasov got a tattoo in honor of his wife more than two years ago. In January 2014, Olga has shared with fans of good news. The presenter was overjoyed. By his own admission, she did not expect this from a spouse. “The act of the husband yesterday moved to tears. No one was dedicated to me a tattoo! I really appreciate it… Love you, honey. Together forever…” – the presenter shared with subscribers of his microblog. However, the hopes of the pair were not destined to come true.

      Тарасов избавляется от воспоминаний о браке с Бузовой

      In a recent interview Tarasov claimed that Olga should move half of all that was acquired by them during the marriage. He also said that he gave Olga a car, but Olga herself has previously mentioned that needs in the car. As for the gorgeous couples house in the suburbs, it is recorded on the mother of a football player. According to one version, it became a cause of disagreement between spouses. Fans of celebrities speculated on how they will produce the division of property. The stars themselves did not comment on speculation of many fans.

      By the way, the other day in Moscow hosted a party player Alexander Samedov on his transition from “the Locomotive” “Spartak”. On the feast invited many friends of the athlete, among whom was Olga Buzova, Dmitry Tarasov, Roman Pavlyuchenko, Dmitri Torbinski and many others. Ex-beloved chose to come to the event at different times: first, he called for Tarasov, but after about half an hour and Olga Buzova, who performed his hit “the sounds of kissing.”

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      Apparently, now Tarasov tries as soon as possible to forget about former lover, not to get into an awkward situation in the future. Now his body is decorated with the saying “Omnia fert aetas”, which translates as “Time kills everything”. In addition, the athlete wanted that on his right wrist stuffed figure of an hourglass, reports Life.ru.