Tarasov didn’t want Buzova

Тарасов не хочет детей от Бузовой

Became known the reasons for the breakdown in the family star “House-2”.

For several weeks, fans of Olga Buzova scratching their heads: is it Union footballer Dmitry Tarasov came to an end? The leading keeps silent, but his sad accounts in social networks as it confirms that not everything went smoothly. Tarasov also remained silent, but judging by all the latest photos, deleted Olya from his life.

Versions of the incident were many. At first, fans thought that the couple stopped to share photos with each other to attract attention, so to speak, made a PR stunt.

Then, the network has a version that Tarasov Buzova changes. Even tracked down the girl-the other woman, she was miss Russia 2014 Anastasia Kostenko. Some fans claimed that it was her Tarasova seen several times already. Football player fell in love and abandons his family.

The truth about what is happening in the family of stars, were shocking. First, it turned out that Olga is not on good terms with the mother of the husband, or rather, with the position of Dima on the participation of mothers in their lives. The player has decided to issue a country house they built with Olga for a year, at mom, in the event of divorce not to remain without shelter! Of course, Buzova this step is not approved, as this is a clear hint of distrust towards her.

And second, while Olga gives an interview and says that their house will sound the laughter of children, Tarasov didn’t want kids!

“Olga told that Dima was unfair, – said a friend of the leading Masha “StarHit”. She tried to explain Tarasov, in signing documents for a mother is not necessary, because they love each other and will never divorce. And their nest will grow the children. Incidentally, it is also one of the causes of strife. Children Tarasov, raising a 7-year-old daughter angelina, she didn’t. Olya also dreamed about the baby… Yes, she’s a career woman, has achieved great heights, but without a child?”

Confirms the fact that the Union Tarabrikov a serious split, and the last picture of Dmitri. Yesterday, a player posted a photo with a family dinner, which was attended by parents, his daughter, a niece, and that Olya was not.

The Dmitry signed simply: “the Family, who knows he will understand.”

Fans immediately began to ask questions: “a Family dinner in honor of parting with Olga?”

But Tarasov is silent…