Тарасов выдвинул свою версию о причине разрыва с Бузовой The player admitted that he wanted kids. Dmitry Tarasov broke the silence after Olga Buzova filed for divorce. Fans of the couple still can not believe what happened.

      Today it was reported that Olga Buzova filed for divorce from her husband Dmitry Tarasov. Fans still can’t accept the idea that the family home of footballer and TV presenter went out. For a long time after news about the break-up of the pair, fans speculated on what was the true cause of the collapse of the beautiful couple. Dmitry tried to speak less about the impending divorce, however, after the television personality filed paperwork to end the marriage, Tarasov expressed his version of the reasons of rupture of relations with Olga.

      Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov are preparing to divorce

      “I guess now I can officially be considered a free man. All my doubts were confirmed. We have not managed to create a real family: I want kids, but unfortunately, this would have the desire for two people,” said the man.

      For four years of marriage, fans wonder when the couple will have children. However, Olga stated that her priority is career, and the heirs she will think later.

      Not long ago, the TV host expressed his version of the reasons of conflict with her husband. According to her, she’s too actively showed the family idyll and not adhered to the principle of the hackneyed phrase “happiness loves silence”.

      Olga Buzova called the main mistake in your marriage

      Recently Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov have a hard time in connection with the news of their breakup. TV presenter accused of being too desire to submit details of their lives on public display, and the player is credited with a connection with a young model. During the period that media and social networking discusses the breakup of the once happy and exemplary couple, floated a lot of theories about the causes of the incident. In particular, they talked about infidelity on the part of the athlete and the desire Buzova have children. Environment spouse claims that a big role in this story played a house purchase, which they started shortly before the break. The property has been acquired, the player has designed for his mother, and that, according to friends Buzova and Tarasova, caused a major scandal in the family.

      According to the publication Life.ru Dmitry Tarasov was struck by the published correspondence with the famous TV presenter Dmitry Nagiyev, which asked Olga after the break.