Tarasov and Kostenko justified for happiness

Тарасов и Костенко оправдались за счастье The choice of the player was asked enemies to pass by. Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasov spent the evening in the company of each other. More recently the pair began to talk openly about their relationship and publicly admit to the feelings.

Midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov happy in a relationship with model Anastasia Kostenko, the title of the second “Vice-miss Russia-2014”. Young men has recently ceased to conceal his affair from the public – they are touching recognized each other in love and share joint photos in social networks, rather than cause a very different reaction of users.

Anastasia Kostenko published on the eve of the, which it captured in the arms of Dmitry Tarasov. “A perfect evening with Dmitry,” a model signed photo in English. The post Anastasia escorted a quote from the novel “the Idiot” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, also in English. Classic words the girl asked everyone to forgive her and Dmitry, her happiness, and also made it clear that people should refrain from negative comments against the couple.

“Forgive us our happiness and walk past,” wrote Kostenko.

However, it is not heard. The Anastasia and Dimitri, indicating that their relationship is fine, became a powerful stimulus for spiteful critics. They couldn’t hold back and pounced again in love with accusations, calling the model a home wrecker.

“Rescued the man and happy. How can you”, “You cried out that life is not for show! The meaning of this photo? Stood the two were photographed to show that ate and went to continue the evening?”, “In his eyes can not see happiness,” write the detractors.

However, the couple has a lot of fans willing to stand up to her defense. Fans suggest to Nastya to just disable comments so as not to absorb the negativity. “What evil people they are good they look good, true, just look happy when they are watching , need for loving people to enjoy,” “Anastasia, you should have disabled comments under your photo sharing so much negativity pours on the soul-it is still delayed! People, live your life and leave this couple alone!”, “The happiness of your couple! Perfect for each other!” – tried to neutralize the negative followers of Anastasia Kostenko.

Not long ago, the chosen one of Dmitry Tarasova said she is ready to devote himself to family and home. The girl adheres to traditional views of the family, believing that women should be primarily homemakers. Anastasia loves to cook, she often cleans the house and future plans to have children from the man of her dreams. The bride Tarasova Anastasia Kostenko talking about pregnancy