Tarasov and Kostenko dispelled the rumors about the breakup

Тарасов и Костенко развеяли слухи о расставании The girl replied spiteful critics in the social network. Yesterday in the Internet appeared rumors that the couple quarreled. It was rumored that Anastasia is looking for a new home. However, Kostenko has denied the speculation, laying the t-shirt of a loved one.

      Тарасов и Костенко развеяли слухи о расставании

      Over the weekend users of social networks are actively discussing the comments of footballer Dmitry Tarasov, who he allegedly left on a page of his ex-wife Olga Buzova. Fans of the TV presenter couldn’t believe that the compliments to the ex-spouse belongs to the athlete. Photo Buzovoy in a swimsuit sparked emotions in Tarasova

      At the same time in several communities on the new darling of the player Anastasia Kostenko, it was reported that the girl is looking for a new place of residence. According to some, in a pair of discord occurred. “Nastya, come without drama. Get out of the apartment,” – these words on behalf of Tarasova appeared under the girl in satin grey dress. Soon, however, she closed all comments.

      Тарасов и Костенко развеяли слухи о расставании

      Kostenko has tried to clarify the situation. She posted the t-shirt with the logo of the Lokomotiv team, which plays Tarasov. Apparently, she wanted to show that there are no quarrels between them were. In the caption for a selfie girl once again asked social network users not to meddle in her life.

      “Obviously bare a topical issue – it’s trying to be in the theme, while not being anywhere near. So any information, almost half will be perceived the same bone, throw the pack. Everything is explained in easy – unwillingness to spend their time carefully and with the benefit of waiver of entertainment, which were attached to homeopaticos. Time will tell all, but you have to understand that he has his own audience,” said Anastasia in his microblog.

      Most of the other posts Kostenko closed comments, not to read negative reviews. Fortunately, the girl has a lot of friends that support her and urge not to pay attention to the words of spiteful critics. “On my page negative should not be”, – explained model answers to subscribers.

      The most attentive followers of the girl felt that the frame was made in the apartment of the football player. Besides, one of the first to the commented choice Anastasia. Dmitry hinted that in a t-shirt it looks like a real cheerleader. Probably Kostenko attended yesterday’s game of choice with the team of “Rostov” and supported him from the stands. “Debut”, wrote the player, leaving a smiley face in the shape of a heart.

      Members wondered why earlier Dmitry talked about the fact that the girl had vacated the apartment. Particularly curious netizens asked the player in the comments about this topic.

      “Already returned”, – said Tarasov, putting a smiley face.