Тарасов и Костенко стали родителями The couple had a daughter. Fans were quick to congratulate the lovebirds. Earlier Dmitry Tarasov has repeatedly talked about how happy he is and wants to see the baby.
Тарасов и Костенко стали родителями

Dmitry Tarasov for the second time became a father. 10 Jul Anastasia Kostenko gave birth to a girl in one of elite maternity homes of Moscow. Football first shared the joyous occasion with his many fans. He posted a touching photograph with a newborn daughter on hands, but did not name a successor.

“10.04.2018. Thank you, my love for this miracle,” shared the joy Tarasov.
Тарасов и Костенко стали родителями

Throughout pregnancy, the wife of Dmitry Tarasov actively shared with fans impressions from the first pregnancy. The girl said that never was so happy before. According to 4-year-old Anastasia, she immediately fell in love with the baby as soon as he learned about the pregnancy.

Anastasia Kostenko told how found out about the pregnancy

“Now I understand that the closer the day X, the heavier, slower, and all the thoughts and themes dedicated to one meeting with a girl you never met, but already love,” said Kostenko.

But Dmitry Tarasov much less shared a touching revelation. In recent weeks, the football player fell too many problems. At first he wasn’t called to the national team, then the club “locomotive” refused to renew the athlete’s contract. However, the birth of a daughter will obviously Tarasov distract from problems and be the brightest event of this summer.

After learning the joyous news of the birth of a baby, fans rushed to congratulate Tarasov and Kostenko. “I am so happy, you deserve this joy”, “Let the girl is beautiful and talented”, “I Hope that now the spiteful critics who do not believe in your feelings, be silent,” wrote the fans of the star couple.

Recall that for Anastasia this child was the first, but Dmitry already has a nine-year-old daughter of angelina from her first marriage with Oksana Bondarenko. Tarasov and Kostenko were intensively preparing for the imminent advent of the baby born, and even thought about delivery partner.

Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko decided at birth partner

Recall that the first information about pregnancy Anastasia Kostenko appeared in January 2018. Then the model does not comment on rumors, trying to keep his happiness from prying eyes. She confirmed the news about his interesting position just at the beginning of spring, posting some pictures, which are visible rounded tummy.