Tarasov admitted that he needs the support of Kostenko

Тарасов признался, что нуждается в поддержке Костенко Midfielder “Locomotive” said, who never misses a match with his participation. Dmitry Tarasov admitted that loved ones almost always try to come to his games. Thanks to the efforts of athlete Anastasia Kostenko also gradually attached to the football.

Midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov never hides his fascination with model Anastasia Kostenko. The darling of sports stars trying to support his endeavors, so she attended a charity event for children in need of special attention and care.

The girl Dmitry Tarasov was supported by his bold initiative

Dmitry recently gave an interview to the magazine editor for his club. During the conversation with reporters, he talked about the support group. According to Tarasov, the close people I try to attend his matches. Answering questions, the man said that gradually teaches the beloved to the beloved activity.

“There is one friend who tries not to miss a single match. Someone from the family: mum, sister or her husband. Now a new girl attached to football. Still nieces, and the match against “Spartak” came a daughter to your grandfather! So support me one hundred percent guaranteed,” – said the athlete.

In the course of conversations with journal editors Dmitry also told about how to cope with negativity in social networks. In recognition of the player, at first he paid attention to the comments of the spiteful critics, but over time has learned to react to their statements. “Now I don’t care who and what nasty things I wrote in the comments. Who are these people to judge me? If at all to react – you can go crazy, probably,” said the man. According to the athlete, he left very few subscriptions in Instagram to read only what is interesting for him.

In the future, the midfielder of “Locomotive” I would like to start a family. “That which is to my liking. Where will understand and accept me, my Hobbies, my friends. Where will be mutual understanding, harmony and love”, All the rest, said Tarasov, he’s already done – “he built a house, planted a tree, fathered a daughter”. As for football, the press is sure he still has time to play at a good level and to show himself, the man told the magazine “Our Loko”.

Let us add that recently Dmitry Tarasov celebrated his birthday. March 18, midfielder “Locomotive” was 30 years old. The triumph on this occasion has passed in one of capital restaurants. To congratulate Dmitry Tarasov came many figures of show business, including T-Kilah, the ILO, with wife Maria Gural and his new girlfriend Anastasia Kostenko.