Тара Рид пришла на Хэллоуин без костюма и всех напугала

The actress appeared on a secular party in one bra and a loincloth, but the audience is so revealing outfits not appreciated.

Тара Рид пришла на Хэллоуин без костюма и всех напугала
Тара Рид пришла на Хэллоуин без костюма и всех напугала

As we know, not always our expectations coincide with reality. Going to a party in honor of Halloween, organised by the American magazine Maxim, Tara Reid decided to don the costume of a Greek goddess. For this many things is not necessary: it was enough to wear a small bra and a short loincloth. Well, just a Aphrodite emerging from the sea foam, I think, probably, a 40-year-old actress, looking at himself in the mirror before leaving the house.

However, the party guests creative Packaging is not appreciated. They do not understand what kind of suit she’s wearing, as all attention was focused on the emaciated body of the actress. Protruding clavicle, ribs, sharp knees and sunken abdomen… the appearance, Reid was seriously frightened the audience!

However, the actress apparently absolutely happy with the forms, otherwise she wouldn’t wear such a Frank costume and not posing would be so happy photographers.

It is known that Tara Reid is struggling with anorexia already in 2011, but the star of the movie “American pie” never comments on your appearance, but because the surrounding already seriously fear for her health.

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And you outfit Tara Reid like?

  • A complete disaster! Clothes were invented to hide the flaws. Do not forget about it
  • You can wear one more time. For a change
  • Love the outfit. But Tara, he clearly is not
  • Yes! Wear on Halloween is the same!