Tanya Tereshina was not allowed the Glory Nikitin to my daughter’s party

Таня Терешина не пустила Славу Никитина на праздник дочери The presenter is upset that he was not invited to the birthday of ARIS. Tanya Tereshina gave a Grand celebration for the baby , however, was considered unnecessary appearance on the evening of the girl’s father, the Glory Nikitin. Civil the couple broke up last fall.

      Last fall, the singer Tanya Tereshina and TV presenter Glory Nikitin decided to leave. Former civil wife did not hesitate to discuss their personal lives with fans and made other claims, five of which are published in the microblog. The couple are raising a daughter ARIS. Fans were hoping at least for a little heiress to Fame and she will stop fighting and will be able to maintain friendly relations.

      Yesterday ARIS was three years old. Tereshina tried to do everything to please the baby. She arranged for her Grand celebration. However, in this festive day, the girl was deprived of the most important – the presence next to her dad. Slava Nikitin was outraged by the fact that ex-girlfriend is not considered necessary to invite him on the birthday. The TV presenter was left with no option but to revise the old photos and to congratulate the daughter on the social network.

      “I was ashamed to look into the eyes of ARIS, and sometimes, surely, for what! However, nepreryvnym character have a soul epic proportions! Where in any place reserved for the Pope, despite the fact that on my birthday, it will not be because adults, unfortunately, are playing games more often than children! I congratulate you, my treasure, thanks to you I learned what love is! Live the happiest life, and believe only their views,” wrote a touching message to the ARIS.

      Fans were surprised that Tereshina decided not to include in the list of invitees to the feast of the father of the child. They expressed the opinion that in this day mom and dad needs to be with the heiress. “This is a holiday, you need to be together”, “Daughter and dad are the same person. Be happy!”, “You are so cute. Congratulations baby girl happy birthday,” wrote the followers men.

      The former soloist of group Hi-Fi had made for his daughter’s Grand celebration, which was attended by friends Tereshinoy. Judging by the photos, the event was a success – ARIS looked really happy, despite the fact that her dad wasn’t around.

      “Infanta of ARIS own superprestige! Thank you to all my friends for a lovely evening. The sea of gifts for my daughter, for the kind words and for participating in the children’s courage! Mitya, thank you for a wonderful restaurant! You are our miracle and our soul,” wrote the artist, post a photo from the celebration.

      Now Tanya Tereshina have found my love. Vadim Buharov found a common language and little ARIS. Slava Nikitin, too, was not left alone and are now building a relationship with a charming girl. The new darling of Fame Nikitin compared with Tanya Tereshinoy