Tanya Tereshina tried the “eggplant”

Таня Терешина попробовала «баклажан» The actress decided on a bold experiment. Tanya Tereshina often changes the image, but this time she managed to outdo yourself and truly surprise the fans. Singer happy to share with our followers.

      Singer Tanya Tereshina long been known for its passion for new things. She changes hair color and length haircuts, turning from burning brunette with four of a kind platinum-blonde with luxurious curls. Fans are watching with interest the transformation of a celebrity and wonder what experiments she looks ready to go. Not long ago, the former soloist of group Hi-Fi was able to surprise his fans. She is ready for bold changes in the image. Now she flaunts by baklazhanovy hair color that shimmers from pink to dark blue.

      “Purple powder, it is you and me” – quoted the actress is a line from a famous song of the group “Propaganda” when he posted the photo in the microblog during hair dyeing.

      Later Tereshina shared the result of a Barber. The followers are unable to remain indifferent and hurried to compliment the singer, who is not afraid of bold experiments.

      “I now do not sleep! Urgently want the same hair color! Class!”, “This is the color. Always admired your courage. Time is short, and Blondie, and then Bang, and long, and have a brew! High. Very juicy, Very beautiful hair color! It really suits you!” – wrote loyal followers Tanya.

      Apparently, the singer is in awe of the new image. She tries to capture different camera angles to preserve the memories of such a courageous transformation.

      Tanya Tereshina is not only love change in appearance, but passion for provocative semi-Nude photos. She enjoys posing in lingerie, and sometimes gets around to fully naked. Apparently her young boyfriend Vadim Bukharov is not against publications such racy shots of his lady. Not so long ago the singer revealed that the screen saver mobile phone lover flaunts the scenes where she is depicted naked. Tanya was bursting with pride that Vadim admires your loved one. More pepper: 10 famous men who showed of women naked

      “Curious, how often do men following their women to such an extent. And what emotions does it cause you? It is nice, isn’t it?” – interested artist have fans in the microblog.