Tanya Tereshina told the child with a young boyfriend

Таня Терешина познакомила ребенка с молодым бойфрендом Little ARIS was warmly received by the beloved artist. The singer posted a touching family pictures in his microblog. The star is happy that her daughter and the chosen one got along great. Apparently, ex-husband of Tanya Tereshinoy no longer has anything against meetings of his child with the new boyfriend of her mom.

      This summer, fans of Tanya Tereshinoy there was a serious reason to celebrate – the singer finally found love. Artist builds relationships with a young boyfriend who, by the way, younger than her 13 years. Neither the age difference with her lover, nor the condemnation of the public, or even threats of the former civil wife has not affected the plans Tereshinoy to create a strong chosen family. However, a long time Tanya is not introduced 25-year-old Vadim Bukharov with a small daughter ARIS. Star didn’t want to rush things and was hoping to meet her boyfriend with the child very soon will come a time.

      Apparently, the lovers understand that they are ready to move to the next stage in their relationship. More recently, introduction of a small ARIS and Vadim Bukharov is still held. If you believe the images published Tereshinoy in microblogging, both got great pleasure from communication. First, the actress posted the picture, which she and her daughter and her lover captured three, and then shared a touching photo of a laughing ARIS is located on the chest of the boyfriend of the mother, and that, in turn, smiles. Tanya Tereshina preparing for marriage

      “The most important thing in my life – laughter own child! This is my starting point! Good morning” – mysteriously signed publication Tatiana.

      Fans of the former soloist of group HI-FI noted that the family looks really happy, and maybe Vadim Bukharov will become a reliable shoulder for support Tereshinoy and also for her child. Previously the singer had some difficulty in communicating with the father of his daughter – VJ Glory Nikitin. The man threatened ex-wife and forbade her to bring home strange men. Apparently, the new parents managed to negotiate and build relationships. Probably that’s why finally meet ARIS with the chosen mother still held.

      Incidentally, the last time 25-year-old lover Tereshinoy spends a lot of time in Moscow, despite the fact that he lives in the city of Sochi. Lots of pictures posted by the singer in the company of her boyfriend brought her followers to the idea that they are together now. However, in September, Tatiana said “StarHit” that the question of moving they are not raised. “While on the move it is not, – says the singer. – I take it out is not so easy, my daughter, work… Vadim is also the case hold. But we agreed to fly to each other, and we have plans together on the sea to carry out the January holidays,” shared the singer.