Tanya Tereshina staged a robbery in the store

Таня Терешина устроила разбой в магазине The singer has released a new provocative clip. Tanya Tereshina decided to shock the audience, and therefore ventured to take a pretty candid video. Fans were happy to see her work after a three year break.

Fans of the singer Tanya Tereshinoy for the past three years have not seen her video works. Fans of the actress had only to review her old clips, thanks to which she became known as a solo performer. After a long lull, Tanya finally released a video for the song “Gun”.

“All I wanted to do it! The song has a long the birth and now, finally, it happened! This is a very old video that reflects all of me. In the clip I like you I know what I am in life: self-ironic, sometimes sassy, always loving and daring!” – that characterized the new clip Tanya.

Fans were delighted with the video artist. They recognized that the work was bright and fully reflecting the style of Tereshinoy. “Wow! Cool video. Tanya, you’re just a space!”, “As always, great! A pleasure to watch, thank you”, “Boldly! And very plausible. There is a similar way. I liked the clip, And I liked it. Very stylish and cool. With the premiere!” – posted by netizens in the address of the clip artist.

As it turned out, the lyrics were written by the famous rapper Noize MC, with which the artist works not the first year. That he belongs to the text of her hits “the Wreckage of the senses”, “dot the i”, which began a solo career Tereshinoy. The musician composed the song “Western”, which she has performed with Megan Fox in 2009.

Many fans attributed the break in creative activity of the artist with her motherhood. 27 Dec 2013 she gave birth to a daughter ARIS. Almost two years after the appearance of the child on light Tanya broke up with her civil husband Glory Nikitin. Ex-beloved did not hide the rift in their relationship, and even publicly made other claims. However, the man spends time with a beloved heiress.