Таня Терешина готовится к свадьбе The singer is going to buy a dress. According to Tatyana Tereshinoy, she is going to go down the aisle this summer. In the microblog star talks about whether the woman to hurry with the marriage.
Таня Терешина готовится к свадьбе

Tatiana Tereshina, the former lead singer of Hi-Fi, happily in a relationship with Vadim Buharov. The first time a couple constantly criticized for their age difference: the older artist lover for 13 years. However, nothing prevented them to be together. The young man is good to daughter Tonya iris, born from Glory Nikitin.

In one of the last posts Tereshina talks about when a woman should get married. According to the artist, at first every girl needs a moment of carelessness, lightness and coquetry. This period usually follows a time when girl meets first love. Typically, these feelings rarely turn into a serious relationship.

“The woman is not happy with the number of attributes imposed by the society in life. She is happy when she has everlasting energy! When you want to move mountains. But this energy only comes when a man in his place with his people and his Affairs. Those who do not cycle and do not want greedy, but simply lives in harmony, everything gets easy,” says Tanya.

For most women is more important than stability, because without men they can do, so do not hurry to marry. However, like Tatiana did not support this position, she again wants to get married.

“I’m on a course still follow these conventions and summer still will say “Yes”. Some illogical post turned out, but then not to rush, because we have begun urgent repair of “houses” and “apartments”, – told the singer.

Fans are happy for her and leave greetings on the page in the microblog. Earlier, the singer hinted that he wanted to go down the aisle. Initially, she was such talk even in 2016.

“The baby is growing, I’m looking at her makes you happy. I really want this year to release tracks, video clips, to finish the repairs in a country house, to get married and get pregnant,” wrote Tanya.

Choosing men Tereshina gives preference to those who are younger. “If I really looked old, and Vadim Shkolnik, maybe we would look neorganichno, but it’s not,” said Tereshina in the middle of the relationship with the chosen one.