Tanya Tereshina preparing for marriage

Таня Терешина готовится к замужеству In plans of the star is also the birth of the second child. Tanya Tereshina happy with the new chosen one, who under her for 13 years, and happy to share with subscribers in social networks dreams of a family life.

      Tanya Tereshina year ago, has experienced the drama of a personal nature. The singer broke up with the father of his daughter Glory Nikitin. The breakup was very painful for couples – the ex-wife still trying to find out relations via social networks. However, in the life of the artist is still due to the bright line. The soloist of group HI-FI started a new novel and going to marry.

      Tatiana meets a young man named Vadim Bukharov. The young man is 13 years younger than his lover. But the age difference does not prevent the couple to build a relationship. Fans are closely watching the microblogging Tereshinoy, trying to guess how far her novel. It turns out that the singer is already ready to tie the knot and become a mother for the second time.

      “In the comments under the photos often see people looking at my facial expression response of reality. Don’t smile for photos… sad Friends, I, as ever, very calm, mentally balanced, and I’m full of plans. No sadness, and no crazy reckless fun. My joy now in harmony. The baby is growing, I’m looking at her makes you happy. I really want this year to release tracks, video clips, to finish the repairs in a country house, to get married and get pregnant! The penultimate and last even this month, but don’t need… Until the priority I and work,” admits the star.

      Despite the fact that Tanya is building a relationship with a new partner since mid-summer, it is not in a hurry to finally enter lover in your family. Vadim was not familiar with her two year old daughter ARIS. The situation is complicated by the fact that the couple lives in different cities. Tatiana is not yet ready to move to the beloved in Sochi, and he is in no hurry to Moscow. However, young people still find the opportunity to meet and spend time with each other.

      Tanya Tereshina shared an intimate photo with her boyfriend

      “While on the move. I take it out is not so easy, my daughter, work… Vadim is also the case hold. But we agreed to fly to each other, and we have plans together on the sea to spend January holidays – says “StarHit” singer. – I like the young guys today. If I really looked old, and Vadim Shkolnik, maybe we would look neorganichno, but it is not so.