Таня Терешина сделала шокирующее заявление об экс-супруге The singer feared for their future because of the threats and insults of Glory Nikitin. Tanya Tereshina recognized that the former husband does not give her to build a happy life, stalking her and throwing mud.

      Таня Терешина сделала шокирующее заявление об экс-супруге

      Tania Tereshinoy and Glory Nikitin not be called simple. Former civil wife are raising a daughter ARIS. For her sake they have to continue to communicate even after a breakup. However, quarrels and scandals between the stars do not cease now. Apparently, the singer and showman has still not put an end to their relationship.

      From love to hate: why split the Union Thani Tereshinoy and Glory Nikitin

      This fall it is exactly one year since the couple officially announced the termination. During this time Tanya tried to establish privacy. Fame also seems to be a new companion. However, according to the singer, he continues to poison her life, constant threats and insults.

      “My ex-husband was very hurt, called names. All this in front of a small child. I’m a complete idiot, for some strange reason I’ve endured this. Armed with a saying “Hope dies last”, I was waiting for change, but the only real smart decision was to leave. I must admit, in the winter I try to work it out. Offered to go to couples counseling. Offered not to live, and to meet. I wanted my child to grow up with two parents. It was important for me. But, it turned out that it was only me and the baby. Here’s been a year since we broke up. On his part the abuse is not stopped,” says Nikitin Tereshina.

      Shocking statement on his page on “Instagrame” Tanya continues by saying that in her phone saved a lot of messages in which the former civil husband calls her, including Mat. Star perplexed how you can apply thus with the mother of his child. In addition, the singer hinted that a new relationship it is difficult to build due to the fact that the showman continues to interfere in her life. Tereshina fear for their future because of the threats that come to it from Nikitin.

      “This has always blocked person won’t let me live life and be happy the way I began this summer. Danger. And these threats, I have a phone. Once again, everyone is entitled to happiness. And the worst thing is that you, dad Thank, not ashamed of it. I’m embarrassed that my child be intemperate and dissolute father” – refers to the ex-spouse Tereshina.

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