Таня Терешина ждет второго ребенка The actress shared a series of photos from vacation. They clearly see her rounded tummy. Tatyana Tereshina reaffirmed its interesting position. Fans have already started to congratulate her on the upcoming replenishment of the family.
Таня Терешина ждет второго ребенка

The ex-soloist Hi-Fi Tatiana Tereshina was going to marry. Her lover was a businessman Denis. He proposed his beloved woman in her birthday. The wedding will take place in September this year. Now Tanya is resting together with her daughter from the first civil marriage iris. In the last picture the stars fans noticed the rounded belly of the actress.

“I’m on the fifth month of pregnancy,” — said Tanya “StarHit”.
Таня Терешина ждет второго ребенка

Tatyana has posted a controversial picture in swimming trunks from a bathing suit. Her Breasts covered by her hair. Next to the star left ambiguous signature. “Still got half of the period of rewind and on a diet!” — noticed Tereshina. In hastahah she only hinted that for the second time.

Subscribers began to congratulate the singer with the upcoming addition to the family. “Congratulations. Health to you now” “I guessed last time that you are in position, Tanya”, “Let the second baby will be as happy and beautiful!” — wrote in the comments Tanya.

Tereshina actually met the man on whom she can rely. Besides, her choice is getting along with iris. “When Oleg comes home, my daughter immediately runs into his arms. They have a trusting relationship, I’m happy with it! It is important that my man became a friend to my child. Oleg got it! ARIS never been to weddings, so she probably doesn’t understand yet what it is. But she hinted that we will soon fly to France or Italy. It’s where I plan to celebrate your honeymoon!” — said Tanya.

Wedding Tereshina plans to make a marine theme. Invited to the celebration her family and friends. Also, the artist will arrange the bachelorette party, which is likely to call Julia Kovalchuk, Victoria Lopyreva and many others. For the wedding singer have already chosen two looks. “I don’t know what a dress. I must say, there will be two: the first gentle, the second more extravagant. Both are made to order from famous designers!” — said Tanya.