Таню Терешину унизили фанаты Subscribers microblog singer called her old and compared with a man. According to those who follow the life of actress, she began to look worse after once again the Menil image. Despite the fact that the words of well-wishers touched Tanya Tereshina, she tried to laugh it off and came out with dignity.

      Таню Терешину унизили фанаты

      Fans of Tanya Tereshinoy is well known, the speed with which it changes images. Spectacular singer experimenting with the image of almost every two to three weeks. Followers of her microblog was used to seeing her different – the blonde with the caret to brunette with luxurious curls or red-haired beast with shaved temples. In short, Tereshina not deny yourself the pleasure to experiment with looks, and I must say, this is often appreciated by her many fans. However, this time Tanya had to deal with tough criticism. After another trip to the hairdresser, the actress returned as the blonde lady with short hair, giving her more mysterious. A bold transformation of the star is not appreciated by the audience.

      Tereshinoy had to listen to a lot of unflattering feedback in his address, among whom were the accusations of inability to apply themselves, lack of taste, rapid aging and similarities with men. In short, Tatiana humiliated followers of her microblog, thereby forcing her to think.

      Таню Терешину унизили фанаты“I thought, this guy,” “first, the hair ages you, and secondly, that tan… it Seems that the tanned person is stronger than the body…”, “at first I thought it was a man. If possible, only long – leave comments people.

      The singer hinted that she was unpleasant to deal with so much negativity in his address, but were quick to laugh it off. Tereshina has made a comic video in which he listed all deficiencies that were attributed to her fans and came to the conclusion that she is now like an elderly Mexican. The star joked that on this occasion certainly went to a bar to drink tequila”.

      Video posted by Tanya Tereshina (@tanya_tereshina) Jun 28 2016 10:35 PDT

      It is worth noting that most social media users still believe that the ex-soloist of group HI-FI in any way looks very impressive. By the way, yesterday, the actress wore dark curls.

      Recall from brutal criticism, Tanya has to face for the first time. A few months ago hurt her remarks on what she looks his age. Then 36-year-old woman with undisguised aggression appealed to all who supported this idea on her page in Instagram. “Sad eyes, because the look on their 36. So I’m kind of sympathetic to all hit at once? Then I feel better! Go smile at those who I want,” said Tatiana in the signature under a new selfie. Tanya Tereshina embarrassed about the age

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