Таня Терешина оторвалась на свадьбе с экс-супругом To the marriage of Nelly Ermolaeva former beloved would not leave each other. Tanya Tereshina has published pictures proving that her companion at the ceremony was the Glory Nikitin.

      Таня Терешина оторвалась на свадьбе с экс-супругом

      Yesterday in the capital was a bright social event – the wedding of TV presenter Nelli Ermolaeva. The star was married to a young businessman Kirill Andreev. After four years of Dating the couple formalized the relationship, and was invited to the celebration of many Russian stars. Among the guests were newlyweds, the singer Tanya Tereshina.

      Nelly Ermolaeva staged lavish wedding: live report from the celebration

      The ex-soloist of group “Hi-Fi” was chosen for a luxurious holiday dress with a black bodice and red skirt. Her photos of the celebration gained a lot of likes in Instagram. However, most caught my eye, fans of the stars the fact that next to her in the pictures appears the former civil husband Glory Nikitin. The couple are raising a daughter ARIS, however, the relationship between the elected representatives did not work. Despite the fact that both have the status of free people, Tanya and Slava periodically appear together at social events, that is giving their fans a reason to think that the couple reunited.

      From love to hate: why split the Union Thani Tereshinoy and Glory Nikitin

      Таня Терешина оторвалась на свадьбе с экс-супругом

      Meanwhile, just last week, the network appeared the pictures Tereshinoy in the arms of another man. Bosom buddy Mitya Fomin Ruslan Goy was fascinated by the singer at the after-party of the award RU.TV held in one of the capital’s most prestigious restaurants.

      The pair did not hide their feelings – Tanya and Ruslan were hugging and kissing right in the crowd invited to the feast, not shy of the camera flash. Many photos Goy in Instagram Tereshinoy say that he really cares about star. However, the opinion of some friends of the singer is – she’s only just trying to cause jealousy in the Glory Nikitin his new novel.

      Anyway, at the ceremony on the occasion of the wedding Nelly Ermolaeva near Tereshinoy was exactly Nikitin, not Goy.

      Recall that the wedding of TV presenter held in the restaurant on the banks of the Moscow river Royal Bar, where a year ago celebrated the wedding of Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota. The star and the son of a millionaire called a lot of guests – relatives and friends of the young.

      One of the first at the event appeared the singer Cornelia Mango with the groom Bogdan Durden. They have prepared as a gift picture, written by the graduate of “factory of stars”. A few congratulated the stars “House-2” where began the career of Nelly Ermolaeva, as well as other representatives of show business.

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