Tantric mistress Dzhigurda said about their secret relationship

«Тантрическая» любовница Джигурды заявила об их тайном романе Singer Natalia Shturm sure that the entertainer chose her Marina Anisina those. In the broadcast of the popular talk show, the actress revealed that came into contact with Nikita Dzhigurda. The man took her words with humor, a well-known figure skater has not yet been in contact with program staff.

      «Тантрическая» любовница Джигурды заявила об их тайном романе

      March 17, Nikita Dzhigurda has officially divorce with Marina Anisina those, but celebrities continue to be the center of attention of the public. Some viewers even suspected stars in the desire to obtain additional PR the breakup. Recently Dzhigurda became the hero of the program “live” to dispel numerous speculations of the public.

      Nikita Dzhigurda for the first six months saw the kids

      The flamboyant showman came to the Studio program with occult dagger, much to the surprise of the guests transfer. The man also said that it has the General power of attorney Marina Anisina wrote in his name in June 2016. This document entitles the artist to represent the interests of a skater and enter into any agreements and transactions, and to dispose of property on her behalf, and even to cancel the divorce, as noted by Boris korchevnikov.

      The document, which artist was in the Studio, caused confusion among participants and presenter. They could not understand why Marina Anisina have decided to take this step. Especially that weird skater looked after her allegations about the inappropriate behaviour of the former husband. “He didn’t cheat and played,” said Dzhigurda.

      «Тантрическая» любовница Джигурды заявила об их тайном романе

      In turn, Boris korchevnikov refused to agree with the outrageous showman. “Do you believe this paper? Some children’s handwriting”, – with these words the moderator turned to one of the program, also expressing the assumption that Nikita is “processed” ex-wife. To check whether Nikita Dzhigurda under the influence of prohibited substances, the editors of the program made a check star. The man passed the test for drug use. The results of the examination showed that at least not abusing various drugs.

      Former lawyer Marina Anisina those, Andrey Knyazev said that the paper demonstrated the showman, is genuine and also spoke in defense of the athlete. “She didn’t cheat, she is not the person. This authorization was issued on 2 June 2016. This power of attorney has not responded… Marina Vyacheslavovna said that there is such a paper. There are two powers of attorney – one available Sergei Zhorin and I in the other Janis Ucsa. Today they are not revoked and valid,” said the judge.

      «Тантрическая» любовница Джигурды заявила об их тайном романе

      Herself Marina Anisina, as said in the broadcast, not been in touch with the editors of the program and did not return calls. “What happened there, only they know. This is the main question,” said Knyazev.

      In the Studio of the TV show also appeared singer Natalia Shturm, which caused a stir among the guests of the program. Woman considers herself a new Muse, Nikita Dzhigurda.

      “I think that as a result of all of these bloody feuds, scandals and everything else Nikita just lost interest in the Marina as a woman. Therefore switched to me. Nikita takes care of me, he said that we will have multiple levels of love. First, tantric sex, then virtual. And if he realizes that I’m ready to love him with all my heart…” said Storm.

      Showman himself reacted to her statement with humor. “Yes goddess you Troll, you are stupid,” said the man. He also made it clear that the “tantric” relationship means a Platonic passion.