Тамара Семина рассказала как снимали эротическую сцену в «Вечном зове»
The actress recalls that the operator put her partner in an anthill.

Tamara Semina, Vadim Spiridonov in “vechnyy Zov” in 1973


The epopee “Eternal call”, the events of which cover half a century of Russian history from 1906 to 1961, viewers watched from the screens. This family Saga, filmed on the novel by Anatoly Ivanov, was forced to cry more than one generation of Soviet women. The amorous line of Anfisa and Fedora, whose role was played by Tamara Semina, Vadim Spiridonov was watched by all country.

The shooting of the series took place in Bashkiria, in the villages and in nature. Tamara Semina remembers that when filming a love scene, the operator found a suitable point to put her with a partner on an anthill. “We lie with the Kremlin, and for us to crawl large yellow ants. “Vodenica — say something I’m uncomfortable, at least you’re wearing pants, my skirt, I have them now everywhere, the horror one.” And the Director Krasnopolsky us: “Guys, why are you even practice”. Then I say: “Mr Abramovich, please, please show me how I better go to bed, or like this?” He was surprised: “Well, Tom, what I’m going to show you how a woman hugs a man, how will fall, so will fall.” I insist: “No, show me how you would like”. Krasnopolsky settled and went all itchy! “So — say — Volodya, and I suffer”. And when filming scenes in which my Anfisa looking for Ceriana (she said her disabled husband hanging on the train and she decides to atone for them), and were bitter cold. I ran around the platform, I had full boots of snow, and the crowd watched and absolutely believed in what is happening. Everyone was crying, feeling sorry for my character. Then the audience. How many words of love and gratitude I heard from the audience for that role! Many said: “Tamara, I have the same story…”

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