Tamara Semina about the character of Natalia Kostinskii: “She was all give a damn”

Тамара Семина о характере Натальи Кустинской: «Ей было все до фени» On the day of the 80th anniversary of the deceased actress’s colleagues have discovered its secrets. In the documentary of the First channel former classmate Natalia Kostinski who passed away in 2012, Tamara Semina unflattering spoke about the actress.
Тамара Семина о характере Натальи Кустинской: «Ей было все до фени»

Natalia Kostinski April 5, would have turned 80 years old. It was called the Soviet Brigitte Bardot, she was beautiful and talented, but her fate was tragic. She was married six times and survived four of their spouses – former three died, one disappeared. She had to bury the loved ones – a son and newborn grandson. For the anniversary of the actress the First channel has prepared a documentary film “Natalia Kustinskaya. Beauty is a curse”, which was attended by friends and acquaintances of the artist.

They remembered the star from different sides. Selected as a partner on the film “Three plus two”, has made Kostinsky absolute star, Gennady Nilov (played Sundukova), spoke tenderly and with emotion: “Unbelievable easy it worked, something childish in her, this was a very friendly person…” – he said. Others, like the wife of Nicholas Karachentsov, Lyudmila Porgina, evaluated neutrally, only voicing the facts. And Tamara Semina, classmate Kostinski, revealed her true nature. Tamara Petrovna, which this year fall also will mark the 80th anniversary, said that Natalia Kustinskaya from his youth was a selfish, materialistic and indifferent to others. Besides, the woman did not hesitate to dismantle and the appearance of a young Kusa, which in Soviet times was considered ideal.

Тамара Семина о характере Натальи Кустинской: «Ей было все до фени»“The Institute is: “Oh, Hello, how are you doing?!”. But she is past – “Oh, bye.” Give a damn about her, how you’re doing… And so all his life. Why ask? She was always dressed the best, we, of course, terribly jealous. She was allowed to wear my own things, in fact, she was a kind person. But… She didn’t miss and looked everywhere benefit. She’s just a goddess – the other she had not seen. Natasha, if you look anatomically – what face? And then what? Waist no rear sticking in the Tula seen… And she made everyone believe, and try, not to say that she is beautiful – all!” – said Tamara Semina.
Тамара Семина о характере Натальи Кустинской: «Ей было все до фени»

Natalia Kostinsky had everything to become a star – looks, talent, a happy family. And she achieved fame and money, but at the end of life alone. Tamara Semin believes that the cause of unhappiness Kostinski in her nature. Classmate of actress candidly shared how unjustly did Natalya with others. She remembered that Kustinskaya rescued her husband from his partner at the legendary Comedy “Three plus two” Natalia Fateeva. Fateeva was married to cosmonaut Boris Yegorov and Kustinskaya did everything possible for a man divorced and married her. When Egorov met Kostinski, she also was married and in her arms was a 9-month-old son Mitya. Kustinskaya were telling their friends how unhappy with Yegorov Fateeva and gossip that the wife of the astronaut novel with a partner on the film. Egorov believe, divorced and married Kostinsky.

Тамара Семина о характере Натальи Кустинской: «Ей было все до фени»“She did not notice how the man was hurt, things said. So much injustice, so much greed. We simply do not know” – said Semin.
Тамара Семина о характере Натальи Кустинской: «Ей было все до фени»

Of the six marriage and family life Egorov was the most long and happy time – they were together for almost twenty years, but Kustinskaya are unable to forgive Egorov affair on the side and divorced him, exchanged apartment. But according to friends, she was hoping that he would return. Egorov did not return, Kustinskaya married again. But the subsequent marriage has not brought her nothing but disappointments. She cared not for age, not seen as the son went off the rails, became an addict and eventually died under mysterious circumstances – he was found on the street and pronounced him dead of a heart attack, although the temple was a note trauma. Kustinskaya drowned sorrows in alcohol and sometimes called her friends to support her. Tamara Semin said that she called and asked for help: “She never listened to anyone. I even tried to help her, but not for long – she had only listened to myself…”.

Natalia was not able to cope with the trials that fell to her share. After the death of her son she fell into a depression. In 2010 fell in the bathroom and injured his spine, and two years later with a diagnosis of “pneumonia” in hospital, in a coma and on December 13, 2012 died, without regaining consciousness.