Tamara Saksina shared their love story

Тамара Саксина поделилась историей любви The singer presented a new work. Tamara Saksina tried to do everything that the fans appreciated her work. Actress went to Georgia, to the scenic area to shoot a music video.

Actress and singer Tamara Saksina released the single and video “I Remember”. The new work differs from the previous one – the soundtrack to the TV series “Plaque,” which appeared on the First channel, “Weapons on the floor” – the mood and opens up other facets of the talent of the performer. The actress of the TV series “the RAID” Tamara Saksina: “to Withdraw from Vladimir Mashkov’s creepy”

“Remember” is a delicate dedication to the once beloved man, the song-nostalgia, recognition, filled with light sadness. The video was cinematic: before the viewer’s eyes passes the story of love that the heroine keeps in his heart many years. The story, familiar to many people – touching and humane.

The heroine Tamara Saxenas remembers his first love and the dizzying moments of happiness. But what ended or continued with a beautiful relationship that each viewer will have to guess yourself.

Тамара Саксина поделилась историей любви

According to the artist, “I Remember” – autobiographical work, and it is felt in every tone and in every sung line. Interesting is the fact that the role of the heroine of the clip in his youth played the daughter of Tamara Sokolova Saxenas. Their external similarity speaks for itself.

The video is made by young Director Dmitry Kochnev, Director of photography Vladimir Skljarevski and production Lucky Cat. The shooting took place in Georgia and lasted several days: the task team was to create an atmospheric video in which each frame and the location exactly complement and illustrate the emotions of the characters.

The singer plans to work on new tracks, and also, it is possible, record a music album.

Тамара Саксина поделилась историей любви