Тамара Глоба рассказала правду о новом знаке зодиака
The astrologer confirmed the existence of Ophiuchus, but for mere mortals it has no value.

Tamara Globa

Photo: Vladimir Yatsina/TASS

The opening of NASA
The 13th Zodiac sign has caused uproar among astrologers and natural interest among ordinary people
who until now believed in the existence of the 12 signs and Ophiuchus
have never heard of. In fairness, it should be noted that some
astrologers have long known about the 13th “invisible” zodiac sign. However, to rebuild
the astrological system is not in a hurry. Tamara Globa, who, incidentally, wrote about
the existence of Ophiuchus a few years ago in his book “Tamara” before
than to raise such a noise, offers to go to the source of this “news”.
It turns out that it all started with the children’s website NASSA. According to Globa, the 13th sign of the Zodiac exists, but astrologers
only its esoteric presence, and for a person living earthly passions he
do not play any role.

“Star dust periodically vzbiralsja in space
the alleged new constellation Ophiuchus, ” explains Tamara. — In 1994, the astrologer from England announced the addition of a thirteenth sign
Ophiuchus, and many astrologers even urgently rebuilt the entire
the astrological system of the dear public in connection with the “new discovery”.
Probably, and now a newly astrologers to amuse people
will give not only 13 or 14, but all 20 or 36 characters, depending on
the angle and mood. First, it is necessary to turn to the source of information.
On the official website of NASA has released a page where you explained why
their opinion, astrology is not a science. And cited the example of the difference in terms of
astrology and astronomy associated with the boundaries of the constellations — a short period of
the passage of the Sun in Scorpio and — longer — in Cancer; and that, on
really, the Circle consists of 13 constellations, not 12. Also that with
over time and this interval may vary. Overall, this is a common
the answer to the question of the relationship of astronomy to astrology: NASA studies the stars and not
astrology — and it was educational page for kids.
Time goes on, and 300 years of controversy of the astrologers with
astronomers did not fade away. Therefore, I hasten to assure you: And in Astrology,
both in ancient and in modern zodiac consists of 12 signs. But! Sign
Ophiuchus like “one foot” into the zodiac, being a kind of projection
of the output Space — door to another Sky. Ophiuchus plays a role in the map
birth for those who already have walked the earth, and it is not interested in peace
people and things, life and interpersonal relationships, the little things of life. People who do not
overwhelmed with passion, people absolute spirit or on the way to it. So
Ophiuchus as if there is — and, simultaneously, does not exist in the zodiac, but we
it always consider. But not as a separate independent sign, under which,
according to some, they are born. People whose planets or other indicators
associated with the projection of Ophiuchus in the birth chart, often experienced its influence on
their lives, and their aspirations often seems to be above the bustle, in search of the truth.
Awakened hears the Call of the Universe, and sleep is in a latent state
man of the world and the only anxiety of something unknown or unfulfilled calling
in all ways of life…. But it is the subtleties of astrology.
30 year astronomers agreed among themselves and
took the existing boundaries of the constellations for scientific truth (up to 30-ies of the border
were others). But! In astronomy and astrology astronomical year
starts at the same time — 21 (sometimes 20) in March — that is, at the same time.
On this basis, and having agreed among themselves as astrologers and astronomers
can create any number of signs and constellations, but the beginning of the solar year
always will be one. The astronomical and astrological year begins
at the same time, vary only the border of the constellations and Zodiac signs. And for
astrologers and astronomers, and for a person living on Earth, regardless
also, he knows these Sciences or not – it’s astronomical clock — the origin
time. The star and the time Dial, which continues his work, regardless
from disputes over variance over time. Therefore, the system of 12 signs — the most
convenient and will be for centuries to come…. So continue to sleep peacefully. And the Sun still
soon will move into the zodiacal sign of Libra on September 22 at 17:21 Moscow