Tamara Globa spoke about the abilities of Vasilisa Volodina Tamara Globa and her husband Pavel are famous astrologers, it is believed that they give correct astrological predictions.

Tamara Globa spoke about Vasilisa Volodina's abilities Previously, Tamara participated in the program “Let's Get Married”, and then she was replaced by a young colleague – Vasilisa Volodina. .jpg” alt=”Tamara Globa spoke about the abilities of Vasilisa Volodina” />

The venerable astrologer admitted that she does not consider Volodina a competitor because they work in different directions. Vasilisa gives advice to her clients in her personal life, and “probably helped many,” says Globa. But as for a broader analysis, for example, predictions on the scale of the future of the country, Volodina has nothing to do here. .jpg” alt=”Tamara Globa spoke about Vasilisa Volodina's abilities” />

“I'm not familiar with her works, but once, in my opinion, in 2003, I read her predictions to astrologers for a year, but nothing happened”, Tamara said. But she, for example, correctly predicted a fire at the orbital station and, in general, presciently warned that there would be natural fires in Russia. True, we have them every year, but oh well.

And yet, Globa gave a forecast specifically for 2022, notifying the world that the month of March would be a period of negotiations and settlement.

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