Talking about the girl of Cyril “Hands-Bazooka” Tereshina

В Сети обсуждают девушку Кирилла «Руки-базуки» Терешина Apparently, Pyatigorsk blogger is in a relationship. In the Internet appeared photos in which Cyril Tereshin captured in an embrace with a mysterious brunette. Pictures of young people has caused a mixed reaction from the public.
В Сети обсуждают девушку Кирилла «Руки-базуки» Терешина

21-year-old Pyatigorsk blogger Kirill Tereshin, also known as “Hands-Bazooka” and “Mr. Synthol”, does not cease to shock the public. Recently, the network appeared the pictures, which he captured, together with a mysterious girl. In the pictures, leafless large public, young people kissing and hugging. Social media users suggested that Tereshin is in a relationship. Apparently, fiancee of Cyril against publicity, so he prefers to hide her name.

Users of social networks is ambiguous attitude to the staff, published on the Internet. Some have suggested that Cyril once again decided to attract attention. “HYIP”, “All for the dough”, “Decimated by Shpak?”, “Coming soon to a girl in the regular program”, “PR”, “Show”, “I don’t think she loves him,” – commented on the Internet. At the same time there were those who envied Tereshina. “What am I doing wrong in my life?””When even “Mr. Synthol” has a girlfriend and you don’t” – they wrote.

В Сети обсуждают девушку Кирилла «Руки-базуки» Терешина

At the end of January in the Internet appeared the video, which was a friend of “Mr Synthol”. “Now I will reveal to you the secret on whether the Cyril Tereshina girl. But if there is, how it looks,” says the voice-over. In the video you can see how the blogger out of the car and then opens the door for his companion. While her face cannot be seen.

Add that to the recent Cyril Tereshin has appeared in the scandal center. The winner of the “hands-bazookas” took part in a duel with the winner of the reality show “Publichnye games” and founder of a public “Destroy” Alexander Tupper. He asked Cyril to punch him in the face. First Tereshin weak “walked” on the Tapper, but the second time tried and stunned opponent.

“I have a real headache, – shared his impressions Alexander. The impact was quite confident, but this blow was not enough to knock me out and that I had a mild concussion. So, guys, “Hands-Bazooka” can really be applied to your face, but to cut down can’t.”

By the way, we discussed the rumors that Cyril Tereshin has decided to drain synthol out of his hands and replaced it with implants. In the Internet appeared photos of the blogger, made on the operating table. Cyril himself has refrained from comments. It is known that Tereshin zoomed in calf, he told this program “Andrey Malakhov. Live broadcast.»The idol of “Mr Synthol” warned him against the amputation of hands

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