Talking about millions in compensation for Radulov Dmitrieva

В Сети обсуждают миллионные отступные Радулова для Дмитриевой According to some, the man will pay a huge sum. Alexander Radulov and Daria Dmitrieva spoke about that before the wedding signed the marriage contract. Despite the fact that the athletes kept secret details of the document, talking about quite a considerable sum, which went to the gymnast after a divorce.

In early June, the famous gymnast Daria Dmitrieva said that she is divorcing her husband Alexander Radulov. Despite the fact that the couple shared a teenage son Makar, this did not prevent the couple from separation.

Their fans Daria asked not to bore you with questions about the causes of divorce and reported that the division of property will not, as the couple has a prenup. The contents of the document, the athletes were not disclosed, but the media has reported that as compensation, the famous hockey player will give his ex-wife two million dollars.

The former spouses try not to comment on his personal life, though not to conceal from the public the fact of their separation. Despite the fact that Dmitrieva and Radulov divorced two years later after the wedding, they try to maintain good relations with each other. The ex-wife did not stand in public quarrels and scandals. Moreover, the gymnast blames it yourself in failed marriage. In her confession she was hoping for a change in the character of the suitor, but it was a mistake. In the microblog she spoke about the collapse of the family. Daria Dmitrieva called the true causes of divorce with Alexander Radulov

“The initiator of the divorce was me. Alexander, a worthy man, a great father, but there are things that I personally can not tolerate that. There are moral principles! It’s still my fault. I thought people change, but it was a ridiculous mistake! Remember: one person for another will never change! And we need to accept each other for who we are! He loved, I am loved, but living with it was impossible. There is a limit. I like people that are not for everyone,” wrote Darya in the microblog.

She admitted that the last six months of her marriage was not easy – she told me that they brought much pain to each other. The couple hope they can forget all the unpleasant moments and keep only good memories about each other. Daria focuses on the fact that he and Alexander need to maintain communication for the sake of raising a son. According to the publication “Express Gazeta”, the son of Makar left to live with her mother.