Talking about “like” Tarasov photo Buzovoy

В Сети обсуждают «лайк» Тарасова на фотографии Бузовой Members of the community devoted to celebrities, hoping for a reunion of the pair. In Instagram appeared a screenshot of where the alleged Dmitry Tarasov notes heart post ex-wife Olga Buzova.
В Сети обсуждают «лайк» Тарасова на фотографии Бузовой

Six months ago the whole country was discussing the unexpected news about the divorce of popular TV presenter Olga Buzova and the quarterback of the football club “Lokomotiv” Dmitry Tarasov. Despite the fact that young people have not been living together and not even talk, the talk around this couple does not subside until now. So, the social network surfaced screen, where the athlete allegedly “liked” one of the entries in the microblog brunettes.

Of course, many Internet users became suspicious and accused the Creator of images in the forgery and working in the photo editor. But there were also those who believed in questionable information and even had time to rejoice in a possible thaw in relations ex-lovers. “StarHit” got in touch with Dmitry Tarasov and personally asked to comment on the speculation of the fans.

“I do not put anyone”, – said the “StarHit” Dmitry Tarasov.

It is obvious that the man is not really up to views photographs all the time and effort he directs the preparation for responsible matches. In addition, the house waiting for his girlfriend – 23-year-old model Anastasia Kostenko. Fans repeatedly touched by the reverent relationship of the young people. More recently, second halves together celebrated the birthday of Nastia. Netizens amazed by the cost of the dress Anastasia Kostenko

But of course, fans of broken Union Tarasov and Buzova still not losing hope for a possible reconciliation of the ex-spouses. They’ve left dozens of comments in the community dedicated to celebrities, where shared assumptions about future developments. Some even remembered the kind words of Dmitry, which he dedicated to Olga after the breakup. The move by the fans regarded as a real male thing.

“My “direct” littered with three types of messages: 1) the wishes of good luck in my work; 2) requests to expose their personal lives; 3) to comment on the divorce. We are all adults, just learning to live and everyone make mistakes. My own was that I allowed everyone to be part of our relationship. As they say, “live for likes” (I think it’s relevant for today problem). It happens that people disagree. With Olga we had wonderful moments, but now our paths are different. Ask no more to touch upon in the comments the topic of my personal life. And not to offend anyone. I am sure that everyone will find time to occupy themselves with something useful,” shared the player in his microblog.