В Сети обсуждают «скучные и неоригинальные» имена детей Бейонсе
Fans ambiguous reacted to the appeared information.



According to the reporter online edition hollywoodlife.com he managed
learn how Beyonce named their newly born twins. According to the informant of the edition,
the singer and her husband Jay Z gave the boy the name Sean, and a girl — BEA.

Thus, if the received information is correct, it turns out,
what beyoncé and her husband called the kids … in honor of themselves! The fact that
real name Jay Z — Shawn Carter. And BEA can be seen as condensed
form of the name “Beyonce”. However, it can be a diminutive variant
from Beatrice. The message about the names of the twins caused a mixed reaction of fans of the singer. Some found the names “very cute,” while others were disappointed, as was expecting something more original.

By the way, thinking how to call her older
the daughter, now four years old, the singer and her husband showed much more
ingenuity. They named her blue ivy, which can be translated as “blue
ivy”. Explaining why she chose for her daughter exactly what the name Beyonce
hinted at the time that he believes the color blue the most important thing in the universe and ivy — the symbol of resilience.

Of course,
information about the names of the twins cannot be considered official. However, neither Beyonce nor her husband still hasn’t officially commented
even the birth of twins. Message about the successful birth of the singer
there was still a week and a half ago. However, until now the only reliable
confirmation of this event remains a congratulatory message on the occasion of his appearance
grandchildren posted on a social network the father of Beyonce, Matthew.