Talking about a serious quarrel between the stars of “Teacher”

В Сети обсуждают серьезную ссору между звездами «Физрука» Young actors Polina grents Arthur Copalnic ceased to please fans of the joint live broadcasts, as they often did before. Concerned fans of artists believe that they had an argument.
В Сети обсуждают серьезную ссору между звездами «Физрука»

22-year-old Polina grents, star of TV series “Teacher”, often arranged direct broadcast colleague, 26-year-old Arthur Sopernikom. Young actors gladly interacted with the members and joked, delighting social media users.

However, for some time grents and Sapelnik not to get in touch with the fans. Moreover, the recent opening of an Italian restaurant Pauline cooked pasta not with a colleague on the series “Teacher”, as reported in the announcement of the event, and with the lead channel Match TV Paul Zanozin.

Concerned followers of the actress turned to her with questions about her relationship with Arthur Sopernikom. Polina stated that it does not support communication with the young man, but I chose not to go. Fans of the artists can only guess about what happened between them. According to some, grents and Sapelnik quarreled. The Network spreads information about the condition alleged she reported a serious disagreement with a colleague.

В Сети обсуждают серьезную ссору между звездами «Физрука»

Recall that in the “Teacher” Polina grents played the main character Sasha Mamaev, and Arthur Copalnic played the role of Anton Borisov, who the other characters were called “swift”. It is possible that the actors stopped to chat after finishing work on the project.

Earlier, the young actor played in the popular STS series “kadetstvo” which brought him fame. The character of Arthur Copernica was charming Alexander Trofimov. Despite the fact that it has been over ten years since the premiere of the project, the actor shares details of shooting.

В Сети обсуждают серьезную ссору между звездами «Физрука»“For me, shooting “the Street” is remembered as a tale. I was 15 years old, it was my first serious project in which I participated, so my life after this series has changed completely, – said Arthur. – Just after the airing of the fourth series I have already started to learn. As we gathered with friends, and I realize that I’m watching half of the shopping center. First was so uncomfortable. But a year later I even got more used to the increased attention”.

This week on the TNT channel started showing the new season of “Teacher”. Its action takes place not in school, as in the previous series, and theater. In the story, Thomas is saved from bankruptcy provincial stage of Zheleznogorsk. In the continuation of the project took part Viktor Sukhorukov, he played the role of father of the protagonist. In a recent interview, the actor spoke about joint work with Dmitry nagievym. According to Sukhorukov, the real professional of the business. Viktor Sukhorukov rebuked Dmitry Nagiyev selfishness

В Сети обсуждают серьезную ссору между звездами «Физрука»