«Талант!» Сын Боярской и Матвеева написал портрет отца
6-year-old Andrew gave dad a picture.

Photo: Instagram

Son of Elizabeth Boyarskaya and Maxim Matveev will be 6 years old. The boy grows very smart and talented. And how is it possible otherwise with such genes? Matveev boasted in social networks his portrait, drawn by Andrew.

“Children are the meaning of life… — admitted Maxim fans. — So is the son!!! And rightly so! The mouths of Babes, as they say”.

Really, though, the boy has not yet managed to get draw dad’s facial features, but the figure drawn person shows obvious similarity with Matveev — skinny, but with muscles. About a year ago Maxim started to lose weight for the role in the theater. More precisely, he began the change for yourself, and then secured the result from the job. “It all came together. Started for myself, but it turned out for roles in theater under the direction of Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov — in the play “the Actor” directed by Evgeny Pisarev. First, the Director has set the goal to lose weight. Second, the ephemeral character of such people that wanted to add him to zero gravity”, — said Maxim.

In the first place Matveev refused from eating meat. He emphasizes that he became a vegetarian in his diet is fish. Now Maxim appears at rehearsals with the “boxes” in which brings my dinner, “salad leaves and nuts.” While other artists devours burgers, Matveev promotes the principles of healthy eating.

In addition to diet, Matveev changed their views on sports. Instead of the usual gym actor can now be seen only in the centers of yoga. Maxim also took the time in busy schedule to participate in the international yoga festival. “It was superadded, knowledge, energy, concentration and joy of communication”, — said Matveev at the end of the event.

As a result, Maxim is so thin that fans began to seriously fear for his health, but the actor calmed them down: he said that he was very comfortable in this way. The change in appearance was noticed and the son of actor and decided to capture the Pope on his drawing. He, as you all saw, are well managed.