Talent, hard work and sacrifice:the rules of life of Elizabeth II

Талант, трудолюбие и жертвенность:правила жизни Елизаветы II On April 21 the head of the UK is celebrating a birthday. Elizabeth II the morning receiving congratulations from his subordinates, relatives and fans. Social networks are full of images of women and good wishes in her address.
Талант, трудолюбие и жертвенность:правила жизни Елизаветы II

Today, April 21, the longest reigning monarch notes 91. British Queen celebrates beautiful date in the narrow family circle, and in the beginning of June – officially. Summer will be a traditional dinner party in honor of the joyous event, which will bring together colleagues, friends and the first person. Transfer admission is associated with the climate – the woman throws a party in good weather. On the occasion of the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II “StarHit” remembered her best sayings about family, Board and rules of life.

Millions of people around the world believe the Queen is a worthy example to follow. They look to the idol, and often wonder how she manages to always stay on top. The woman believes that the main thing – to use all of their abilities.

“I know of no single formula for success, but over the years I realized that some attributes of leadership are universal and need to combine their efforts, talents, ideas and inspiration to work together,” said the monarch.
Талант, трудолюбие и жертвенность:правила жизни Елизаветы II

By the way, Elizabeth II is also admitted that the entire soul belongs to her state she’s willing to devote to his beloved country life and happy to engage in a high position for many years. Hard to believe, but the throne really belongs to her within 65 years. “I don’t write the laws and do not lead you into battle. All I can do is give my heart to these old Islands and to serve the people of the Commonwealth,” said the birthday girl.

Fans of the first lady is always celebrated her core, endurance and fortitude. It turns out that these traits hero of the occasion has developed over the years. In 25 years, when there was her father, King George VI, she inherited the throne. Then a young girl and had to learn to cope alone, to become strong and independent.

“The world is not the most pleasant of places. In the end, the parents leave you and nobody is going to protect you just because you’re you. You need to learn to defend their principles” – shared with admirers of Elizabeth II.
Талант, трудолюбие и жертвенность:правила жизни Елизаветы II

Celebrity acknowledges that it is through constant self-control she managed to achieve such results in the Board’s favorite state. “It’s all about the training. With its help, you can reach almost any heights.”

But perhaps the most important and integral part of the life of the British Queen was and remains the family. The birthday girl loves many relatives, especially her husband, sons and grandchildren. The monarch is willing to share experience with the heirs, supports and gives good advice in work and personal life. However, in an interview, she told me that their views on life do not always agree because of their age.

“Like all normal families, in our impulsive and passionate youth rebelling against the values of the older generation.”
Талант, трудолюбие и жертвенность:правила жизни Елизаветы II

But, despite some minor misunderstandings, she acknowledged that the children actually achieved a great success. The birthday girl was grateful for grandchildren who really loves. And also notes that sometimes even sees similarities between themselves and the heirs. “I can be very proud. Because there is something. Just so no one’s respect. Family is a very large part of life of any person”.

Spouse of Elizabeth II – 95-year-old Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh – a happy marriage with the Queen for 70 years. It is support for the second half and tries to always be there in difficult moments.

“My husband is my strength for all these years, and I owe him,” – said a celebrity.