Taisiya Vilkova remembered how survived the death of his father

Таисия Вилкова вспомнила, как пережила смерть отца The young actress became the heroine of a new edition of “One day” which will show NTV this Saturday. Taisiya Vilkova revealed, what rules guided in choosing roles, and openly spoke about the loss of a loved one.
Таисия Вилкова вспомнила, как пережила смерть отца

At the beginning of April on cinema screens released film “Gogol. Viy”, in which a major role was played by 21-year-old Taisiya Vilkova. The girl went in the footsteps of his father, who served in the theater “Nikitsky gate.” Honored artist of Russia Alexander Vilkov died in October 2014. Taisiya grieved the loss of a loved one. She told about it in a recent interview for the program “One day”. Viewers will see the broadcast on Saturday, April 14.

Despite the fact that Taisia parents divorced when she was eight years old, she continued to communicate with his father. Have Vilkova has established an excellent relationship with the new mother’s husband, actor Mikhail Polosukhin, as well as half-brothers. According to the girl, the awareness of the loss of a parent come to her immediately. Several years after the death of a loved one Taisia is still difficult to remember it.

“I have a delayed reaction was very inhibited – shared Vilkova with journalists. But then, after about six months, I was terribly broke. Yes, in General. I was in such a very… Well, not in very good condition. And somehow it all morphed exams, with all of this. And I even… Well, this story was kind of uncontrollable. I was angry with myself because I could not meet”.

During the life of Alexander Vilkov willingly talked about her single daughter. It so happened that the artist later became a father. When Taisia was born, he was 41 years old. Alexander had always been told the heiress that the main thing – not to lie, and taught her the basics of acting profession.

His first role Taisiya played at age 7 in “Star era.” Further Vilkova’s career took off. After the premiere of the series “Deffchonki” the girl woke up famous. Because of the School-Studio of MKHAT Taisia had to say goodbye to colleagues on the project. – Poorly combined with the load in one of the leading specialized educational institutions.

In the new issue of the weekly magazine show on NTV Taisiya will share their reasoning about how to select your role, and explain why often reject job offers. Now Vilkova plays at theatre of a name of Pushkin and is one of the local stars, along with Sergey Lazarev. Apparently, they have established friendly relations. Once a singer and even gave the Thais an armful of bouquets of flowers.

Other heroes of the new release “One day” become a ballerina, rector of Moscow state Academy of choreography Marina Leonov and Nikolay Fomenko. On 30 April, a famous actor and musician turns 56 years old.