Taisiya Vilkova lost weight before erotic scene

Таисия Вилкова похудела перед эротической сценой
The actress spoke about what she had to go for filming with Alexander Petrov.

Таисия Вилкова похудела перед эротической сценой

Taisiya Vilkova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The star of the series “Deffchonki” and “Student” Taisiya Vilkova, despite his young age (actress 21 years) and took part in many acclaimed film projects. In one of them — the film “Gogol. The beginning of” Vilkova had to star in an erotic scene with Alexander Petrov. Taisiya admits that preparing for this shooting for a few days, and before even drank a glass of brandy for courage.

“I was very nervous, says Vilkova. But it means that we need is work. And then, I knew that the site at this point, no extra people. My complexion is not the model, so periodically you have to “stitch the mouth”. “Gogol…” three days of nerves and lack of appetite before the shooting did the trick. But this is nonsense. One day I lost seven kilos for the filming of the second season of “Fartsa”. Then two weeks before called and said that the filming will not. Mom was very happy! She, like many mothers, for some reason thinks I don’t eat, even if it is not. Since I began to live alone, a visit to my mom’s feast”.

Now Taisa free, but on this occasion, absolutely no worries. She believes that her life is always everything happens in a timely manner. About her husband, actor Vilkova dreams, believing that two artists in the family is too difficult. “You know, I grew up in a family, Taisia says. — In General, very much this kind of people, they need a specific approach. And yet I do not promise: I may now argue, and tomorrow it turns out that I’m marrying an artist. Everything can be”.

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Taisiya Vilkova and Alexander Petrov