Taisiya Vilkova he spoke about the momentous meeting with Vladimir Mashkov

Таисия Вилкова рассказала о знаковой встрече с Владимиром Машковым
The popular actress admitted that it was he who persuaded her to enter the School-Studio of MKHAT.

Таисия Вилкова рассказала о знаковой встрече с Владимиром Машковым

Taisiya Vilkova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Vilkova is only 20 years old, and she has managed to star in many
projects: “Gogol. Start”, “Gregory R.” about Rasputin, “Vangelia” about Wang, not
mention “Devchonka” and “Student”. In an exclusive interview to magazine “7 Days”
the actress is remembered about an event that has become a landmark in its dizzying —
now — career.

early start to act. On his first painting was, as a child, —
Taisia says. — Among children and
Teens in the movies is not such a big competition, both among professional
artists. When you start the TV series “Gregory R.”, I was almost
the only one who auditioned for the role of Maria Grigorievna, and I almost immediately
approved. Then even not completely known, who will play Rasputin,
— Vladimir Mashkov even read the script and thought, and the Director just in case
considered other options. When Mashkov agreed, I was happy
I really wanted to work with him. And here I was assigned the first rehearsal with
Vladimir Lvovich. I arrived early and waited in the dressing room. Of course,
worried. Understand: if he doesn’t like me in the project.
Remember, Mashkov came in very rapidly, sharply, immediately filling them all
space. Saw me. On my sweater was a picture of the letter “A”, and
Vladimir Lvovich, extending my hand, said “hi “And”! Volodya”. Then
sat down opposite and silently looked at me. Gaze
askance. It was hard, but I could not say, they say, Vladimir L.,
stop. Understand that now we have the look to take. Looked him in
eyes and probably blushing. He was already a little bit Rasputin. It is known that
Vladimir Lvovich loves to transform, and here it is me Rasputin
hypnotized. We walked past some people, going about their business. Went
minute by minute. Finally he I “let go”, we began to work made two
or three doubles, very clearly, quickly and accurately. Just at the time that “hypnosis”
between the two of us formed some important connections, which helped then to work.
I was his daughter… I still gratefully remember the work
with him, he taught me a lot, gave important advice, and strengthened me in my desire
to enroll in the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre…”

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Taisiya Vilkova and Vladimir Mashkov