Tainted Alexey Panin commented on the relationship with the dog

Опороченный Алексей Панин прокомментировал связь с собакой

Alexey Panin – figure in the Russian media scene is extremely ambiguous. The name of the actor is often associated with strange stories. So, for example, recently was the news of the involvement of Panin to bestiality. In ether one of the programs of the TV channel NTV showed the footage where one could see a man resembling Panin, enters into an intimate relationship with a dog.

Together with Alex having fun with a dog kind of a girl, whose name was not called.

Panin decided to comment on a scandal in which he was involved, noting that similar stories it just want to discredit.

“There are people who will sue on NTV. Those associated with this story – said Panin. – There was lit girl – Ukrainian actress. Showed a picture of us together in the BDSM style. This is a funny scene from the movie, where we played together. Joined other people who considered themselves victims. And then, in this program the dog had some strange “facts” – they are certainly harmless than the main story, but still… the People I saw for the first time in my life, told me where I was flying and I had a epileptic seizure. I have never been! It’s all a lie!”.

Panin believes that these stories came out now it is not by accident. Because there is soon to be the court, which will decide the fate of his daughter: “Other methods does not work, so I got to pour mud at me. Soon there will be another court, and all this has surfaced just in time”.