Taiga traded Kylie Jenner on the waitress

Тайга променял Кайли Дженнер на официантку

Not a month has passed since that day as Kylie Jenner broke up with her boyfriend rapper Taiga, as a 27-year-old actor was spotted in the company of a new girl. Passion celebrity was a former waitress Jordan Ozuna, who is now trying his hand as a model.

Тайга променял Кайли Дженнер на официантку
Had Taiga not publicly hugged his new beloved, as fans of Kylie lashed out at the girl with insults. Ozone had to close his page on the social network, not to tolerate such treatment.
I must say that Jordan is not the first time comes into the view of journalists. In 2014, when Justin Bieber once and as it turned out, the final time he broke up with Selena Gomez, he brightened his solitude in the company SUNY.

The last we have seen of Kylie Jenner and Jordan does not hide what he was doing injections for lip augmentation, but the rest of the “improvements” of the plastic surgeon, the girl denies, insisting on the generosity of nature.
Recall that the novel Kylie and Taiga lasted three years, and during this time the couple was separated, they resumed their relationship.