Taiga owes Kylie Jenner $ 2 million

Тайга задолжал Кайли Дженнер 2 миллиона долларов

The breakup with Kylie Jenner , her ex-boyfriend, Taiga remained even in the black. It turns out that the young man during the relationship with a young TV star lent her no more nor less than $ 2 million, which now, apparently, belong to him.

“Kylie kept Taiga in recent months, leaving a minimal amount for expenses. In fact, she’d sacrificed her needs for the sake of it. When they parted, Taiga was shocked by her request to return every cent and stated that he viewed the financial assistance as a gift. Now he must return her $ 2 million, but it is unlikely she will ever see this money – he did not sign any documents,” — said the insider.
Meanwhile, this news has shocked most of all Kylie’s mother Kris Jenner. The woman’s daughter crucified for financial assistance own son, was, to put it mildly, unpleasantly surprised.
“Kylie had no choice, she had to explain what happened to this huge amount of money. From the news at Chris blew the roof off. She promised to pursue the Taiga until that time, until he fully return the money. As it turned out, Kylie paid for the recording of the last album the rapper that failed. Obviously, now he has no source of income,” — said the insider, and added that Chris requires Kylie to undergo a course of financial management, because that is an absolute chicken when it comes to money”.

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