Tabakov son first told about the affair with the actress

Сын Табакова впервые рассказал о романе с актрисой

Star successor for the first time, they talked about relationship with actress Maria Fomina, whom he meets for about a year.

The fact that Pavel Tabakov meets with Maria Fomina, for a long time. Already dubbed one of the most beautiful couples in the Russian cinema.

The lovers, by the way, don’t mind. They gladly put photos together in a network. But! Never anything about each other not to tell.

In the first joint interview with the beloved heir of the famous actor confessed that before meeting with Masha skeptical of novels with colleagues on the stage:

“I think if you ever had a relationship with the actress, everything else will already be bored. I don’t have anyone on the course not met”.

Also the actor said that since his acquaintance with Masha at the rehearsal, Konstantin Bogomolov, their relationship developed so rapidly that even the candy-bouquet period has flown by.

Now lovers don’t leave it for a minute: they are together not only at home but also at work – starring in the film based on the play “Gnezdo gluharya”. And, by the way, the screen will play the lovers.

Tabakov-Junior got the role of son of the main character Stepan Sudakov, whom the father wants to send to study in MGIMO. However, the young man is seriously passionate about his classmate, the daughter of a saleswoman and a felon, therefore, opposes the will of the father. Its role will be performed by Maria Fomina.

But despite linking their feelings on the court the guys are trying not to advertise their relationship.

“We don’t focus on the fact that our life and screen roles match,” – said Fomin in an interview with the magazine “OK!”.

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