T-killah and MIA BOYKA for three days endured the heat, a sandstorm and a thunderstorm

T-killah и MIA BOYKA за три дня пережили жару, песчаную бурю и грозу
Seeing singer MIA BOYKA in the social network, the rapper T-killah saw in her great potential and offered to work together.

T-killah и MIA BOYKA за три дня пережили жару, песчаную бурю и грозу

As a result, they released a track called “Mama do not know”, which gathered the more than 5 million views, and then went to one of the deserts of Dubai to shoot the next song “Nikes Strikes”.

This clip has it all: a bright location and energetic dance, spectacular costumes and expensive sports cars, as well as the world’s only officially extended Rolls Royce Mansory, whose value reaches $ 1 million.

So, everything was at the highest level. Here only, according to T-killah, the shooting took place not so easy — the weather conditions were varied throughout the workflow.

— On the first day of shooting was the heat at 40 degrees, the second sand storm, and on the third day we were expecting a rain storm that Dubai is a once in a year. To work in such conditions was extremely difficult. By the way, all the locals loved our songs, hung out, danced. On the set there were a lot of young guys, different majors, and party-goers.

So, despite the weather, everything turned out as it should.

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