Сильвестр Сталлоне учит дочерей защищаться от навязчивых кавалеров
The actor told fans his daughters will have a hard time.

Sylvester Stallone with his wife and daughters

Photo: Splash News/East news

Sylvester Stallone has admitted he was sorry so late realized life’s still not a career and not fame.

“Alas, I worked for months, hanging out on set,
and there, and children almost never seen, ” laments the actor. — Thinking that the main thing — more money for them
earn. But over the years I
understand that whatever happened in his career — nothing is more important than my family. And now I try to be present in the lives of her daughters constantly. Morning
them starts, and in the evening I have no wish Goodnight. (The eldest of
daughters, Sofia, is studying at the University, and the average, Cestin, under the leadership of
mother has a successful career as a model. The youngest, Scarlet, 14 years. — Approx.

To catch up, the actor took control of the personal lives of the daughters and verifies each cavalier who is trying to care for them.

“I said that will not admit men to their daughters until they turn 40,” laughs the actor. — Of course, I was joking. But try for the girls to keep an eye… Sophia are
Boyfriends, younger until complete. One former boy Sophia long
trained to handshake was strong… Yes, it’s hard to me to be the case.
And my daughters always been a challenge. “Here comes the daughter of rocky!” Or “Look,
daughter of Rambo!”

Realizing that may not always be near important point, the actor has decided to teach their daughters to protect themselves from pushy fans.

“I taught them to box. So my girls can apply
strike, if need be, to fight back — is proud of Stallone. You know them that’s great And all, our family decided to do sports. Junior loves
basketball, we have a home gym — they have one large, and I have mine
cave where I am favorite rap do.”

Full interview with the actor here.

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