Sylvester Stallone takes over from al Pacino

Сильвестр Сталлоне принимает эстафету от Аль Пачино
The actor hopes to prove that the Academy got it wrong.

Sylvester Stallone


It is learned that Sylvester Stallone has signed a contract role, which can bring him no less
awards than drama “creed: Legacy, rocky,” for which the actor was nominated in
this year the top prize of the film Academy.

Stallone will play
the main role — the Godfather of the mafia, in the film adaptation of the novel by Marco Puzo “Omerta”.
This book was published in 2000, after the death of the famous writer,
the author of his famous bestseller “the Godfather” and “the Last don”.

Thus, the 69-year-old
Stallone had a brilliant opportunity to show what he’s capable of as an actor.
The fact is that in the past the same hero Marco Puzo played by such “titans”,
as Marlon Brando and inherited from him the role of Godfather al Pacino. And
so now Sylvester has a chance, playing the racy role, to showcase your talent.

Although Stallone for long
career she starred in almost seventy(!) movies and TV shows, to 2015, the year of his
not too often complained laudatory reviews and awards. However, in
last year everything has changed: he has got considered to be the second of honor
the movie awards – “Golden globe”. Besides, he had, as all seemed quite
a real chance to finally get an Oscar.

Alas, in the last
moment gilded statue still eluded Stallone. The winner in
nomination “best supporting actor” was acclaimed actor mark Rylance,
starring in the drama “Spy bridge” by Steven Spielberg. And now Stallone
appeared the excellent opportunity to show he can cope with the important
role not worse, than the luminaries of the past. However, as Sylvester would not have played, “Oscar”
for this role he, alas, to not succeed — simply because the Academy is not
awards awards for achievements in television movies and serials.

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