Sylvester Stallone sued for plagiarism

Сильвестра Сталлоне засудят за плагиат
The actor may not only lose money but also reputation.

Сильвестра Сталлоне засудят за плагиат

Sylvester Stallone


Stars in Hollywood are in serious trouble: a famous American fitness trainer Robert Fletcher
accused the actor of plagiarism: he said that Stallone stole his idea for a new
show, and he, Robert, could prove it. In his lawsuit Fletcher
requires Stallone $ 7 million as compensation for incurred moral and
the financial loss.

coach, two years ago he developed the concept of a new TV show. It must compete fitness trainers, the winner should be the one whose client will be in
best. Trying to sell the idea of his show, Fletcher sent elaborated the concept of Stallone —
with a request to contribute to the promotion of his project. However, the response did not wait. And now, two years later, he learned that Sylvester
developing a show called “the Best trainer of America” — and it is an exact implementation of the concept Robert! However, the 69-year-old Stallone
claims that the project is his own idea!

Robert Fletcher

Photo: facebook

Angered By Fletcher
said he did not believe in the possibility of absolute coincidence and is going to court to seek justice. As for Stallone, the accusations he is not
comment. But, in any case, this story is for him very unpleasant.
Even if he manages to prove his innocence, the damage to his reputation, is absolutely an honest man can still be applied.

However, fans of the
the actor who is absolutely convinced that Fletcher has slandered their hero. And
most of them resent the fact that this litigation can take
Sylvester a lot of time and effort. And it may be delayed
other anticipated implementation of their project. The fact is,
that recently, the 69-year-old Stallone has hinted he wants to play Rambo one last

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